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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper 2 - Christian belief By Abdullah Altamimi People have supernatural power motivates them to do good deeds toward each other. Since Islam and Christianity are the largest two religions which have been encouraging people to love, respect, forgive and tolerate opponents, I will discuss how both of them are similar in their core essence. Some people might think that Islam and Christianity are different because the ambiguity of the words father, son, prophet, and mother. Some people do not understand the connotations denotations behind some words. I assume that Islam is extension of Christianity but people from each party resisted accepting the opponents because mutual understanding might goes against their personal benefits. In the following two figures, I will show how the two religions are similar in their essence . 1 -Islamic belief: Allah Prophet Jesus Prophet Mohammad •the only one God. •has no companion. •has no wife or son. •holy prophet and God's messenger. •created by God. •the only human-being who does not have a father and has a virgin mother. •sent to protect people from their sins. •prophet and God's messenger. •created by God. •a human-being has a father . •has a mother like other human-being. •sent to protect people from their sins. In the figure above, the semantic relationship between Allah and Jesus is divine, holy, supernatural. Islamic belief considers that the relation between Allah and Jesus unique as creator and a messenger who will come again to earth to spread justice and fight sins. God (God the father) Jesus (God the son) prophet Mohammad •the only one God father has no companion as a father God. has no wife but has a son (Jesus)who come from a divine relation with Mary the virgin. •The divine son of God the father who was born as a result of unphysical relation between the God and Mary the virgin. represents a holy spirit prophet and God's messenger. Created by God does not have a physical father.has virgin mother. •Some Christians believe that prophet Mohammd is God messnger but they do not want to convert to the new version of Christianity which is Islam. Prophet Mohammad recommended Muslim people to tolerate Christians who believe in Allah but do not accept to convert. •Some christians do not belive that prophet Mohammad is God messenger and reject Islam as a religion. They does not tolerate Islam because Islam might prvent them from gaining thier personal benefits. In the figure above, the semantic relationship between God the father and Jesus is divine, holy, supernatural. Christian’s belief considers that the relation between God the father and God the son unique as a father and a son who will come again to earth to spread justice. In conclusion, I believe that Christianity and Islam have similarities more than differences. Researchers and translators should figure out the similarities between the two religions while they are interpreting the Holy Quran and Bible. The Bible was translated From Latin into English and the translators classified the relation into father and son relationship. 13

By Ali Almadallah Many people wonder about the importance of friendship. Some say that the real friendship is going to end in a characterized time by different materialistic and pressures. Others wonder how to make close friendship at a time that it is difficult to find an honest friend and how to differentiate between the real friendship and usefulness friendship. Psychologists and sociologists confirm that the people of modern societies become in desperate need of making a friendship based on honest passion, convergence of views and interests. And avoid worthless relations that based on mutual interests or an unilateral interest. The American psychologist, Eugene Kennedy, says "that many of us need someone who can tell him the story of their lives in detail without embarrassed feeling and need someone to trust and they do not shy to discussing their own issues. The doctor points out that it is wrong to accept the idea of there is no real friendship or that it is a difficult finding on the way to disappearance, but the person must make serious attempts to make friendship on a right basis. But how do we create the conditions for making and continuation friendship? The first rule of friendship is to be honest with oneself and others and to understand the aspects and dimensions of his character and to reduce its negative aspects if any. People who cannot understand themselves and accept their shortcomings cannot make good friendships with others. As for how to identify between real friendship and benefit friendship and temporary relations, Dr. Kennedy says that there are people whom we spend happy times while going out for a picnic, exercise or activity together, and when the event is end or the reason for participation is gone, friendship becomes unbearable and it is difficult of Ideas or personal dialogue. So, these people cannot be considered friends for a specific benefit. Who is the real friend? I consider that the real friend is the one who remains close to the soul although with the many of business, you find him next to you, even with financial and social hardships even if the views of the two friends in a public issue or political doctrine. Many believe that the age of young people is the best age to make real friends, And the relation between friends of the past is usually stronger than new friends, and psychologists assert that the ability to make friendships and strength does not depend on the age of the person or the length of friendship, but young people usually unleash their feelings and can easily reveal their feelings to others, and that facilitate the process of making friendships. Some people may prefer to avoid friendships for fear of the problems of their failure, having to face their pain and feeling disappointed, or believing that full friendship is impossible. Such people impose optional isolation on themselves. They refuse to pay for a humanitarian association that does not know its real value and its greatest human importance. By Abdulhadi Alanazi At the first glance the two mandala look identical. But if you look carefully there are 8 differences between them . Can you spot the 8 differences? 14

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