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Newspaper Khebrat Wave2 Oakland 2018

Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By:Abdullah Altamimi English The Birds are singing with the happy citizens. They sing the song of the faith of Islam and loyalty to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The songs are dedicated lovely for the custodians of the two Holy Mosques the glorious loyal Saudi nation. King Salman is our leader to righteous as an ancient sword . The Saudi citizens are fulfilling the promises, oats and swears . People pray that Saudi national day return every year while the king celebrating with the nation. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammad be Salman is assisting the king like a lion protecting the security of Saudi country boarders with a hand of iron. The crown prince like an Arabian falcon brave, while people are praying that the God makes him live happy long life. He is knowledgeable and started his life in supporting poor people as a volunteer in a charity organization. He devoted his life for kindness and mercy. In the United States, the Saudi ambassador His Royal Highness Prince Khaled ben Salman is a diplomatic, politician and all his decisions are crucial. He is also the king of Arab sword like an original Arabian horse. Congratulations! Our government is wise Arabic نبايعه ونعاهده عاد عيده الطير نشوانٍ‏ مع الشعب فرحان غرد بحب المملكة والعقيد ة بخدام بيت هللا وأعز األوطان ال السعود أهل الفعول المجيد ة سلمان قايدنا مع الحق شامان نبايعه ونعاهده عاد عيده ولي عهده ضيغم األُسد ظفران أمن الوطن في قبضةٍ‏ من حديده النايب األول كما الصقر ذيبان محمد عسى عمره سنينه مديده مخضرم وف ي أول حياته مع انسان وللخير والرحمة مسخر رصيد وسفير دولتنا سياسي وفنان أميرنا خالد فعوله سديد ة سيفٍ‏ لسلمان العروبة كحيالن مبروك دولتنا حكومة رشيد ة 21


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