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Newspaper Khebrat Wave2 Oakland 2018

Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper The logo symbolizes the pride and goodness as Prophet Mohammed PBUH said, "Goodness is tied to the forelocks of horses until the Day of Resurrection." The horse's hair represents the letters of the Arabic word (khebrat ‏(خربات which means(Experiences) The horse's eye symbolizes the Saudi Vision 2030. الشعار يرمز ا ىل العزة واخلري استنادا ا ىل قول الرسول محمد صىل هللا عليه وسمل:‏ ‏“اخليل معقود يف نواصهيا اخلري ا ىل يوم القيامة ‏"و خصالت شعر اخليل تعرب عن حروف مسمى الربانمج ‏)خربات(،‏ أ ما عني اخليل فهي ترمز ا ىل شعار رؤية اململكة العربية السعودية 2030 Designed by: English Teacher/ Haya Saad ALDossary Eastern Province, KSA 23

By Abdulhadi Alanazi The problem: One of the common difficulties that most teachers face in schools is how to manage classrooms. Nothing is worse for a teacher than tardy and naughty students. Some students may don’t bring supplies, their homework unfinished or come to class late. Students who are not productive, disciplined or careful choices are likely to suffer in the future in their academic and professional jobs. Getting students to stay on tasks, deal with each other politely, obey basic norms and rules and act in a way that does not disturb other students from learning is one of the most significant skills teachers should learn and implement. Misunderstood: Most teachers are unaware! They use rewards, token, “carrot and stick” or even punishment to motivate students to act and do well in classrooms. Such methods are temporary and extrinsic motivations. Whereas there is a strategy teacher can use instead of implementing punishment and reward system. This strategy called “Track Record”. How it works: Track record basically is when teachers track their student’s behavior by observation and writing down what they observe for each student and individually share the “Track Record” with the students. As a result, students will be motivated to quit or at least do less misbehavior than ever before. Teachers simply use a notebook allowing a page for each student. Track record must contain not only bad demeanors; it should contain good ones as well. For example, a pupil lends another student supplies must be recorded, likewise, a student bothers another student must be recorded too. The importance of it: Track records cannot be effective without sharing it with students. Sharing the record should be individually. A teacher may take a student aside and let her/him take a quick look at her/his page. Teachers who have not yet tried “Track record” should try it. It is an effective tool that helps them manage their classrooms. Your won fingerprint: A teacher can set up his/her track record the way he like and feel comfortable with. It could be a blinder with pages for each student, it might be schedule which each student has his/her own row and two columns one for positive incidents and the other for negative incidents or it can be whatever a teacher feel could be the best way for him/her. Conclusion: Conclusively, teachers should observe their student's behavior to ensure that the students follow rules and norms. Without observing and tracking positive and negative incidents that students make, it might be hard for a teacher to manage his/her classroom. Consequently, students could struggle with learning and might behave in unappreciated way. 24

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