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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By : Norah Balobaid This article is focusing on the approach which will be helpful for the teacher to develop the students' talent, whether they are talented or not. The teacher should believe that each student has a certain talent or strength that can be developed. This belief will lead to raise the abilities of all students which can achieve the maximum benefit from their abilities. First of all ,being a gifted students teacher means that you need to be aware of each student’s characteristics and abilities. This is due the fact that sometimes you will find some students in your classroom who are not identified as gifted learners. In order to be an effective teacher, you have to meet the students’ needs and mental potential. Therefore, gifted students' teacher has to be aware about students' way of thinking and their methods of understanding. In addition, parents of gifted students are often the crucial factors in the success of their gifted kids’ teaching . Therefore, a collaboration with them is required rather than resist them. This collaboration will help both sides to understand the student's needs. Moreover, the majority of parents are looking forward to more challenges in their children's education, especially in the fields which they think their kids can show higher capabilities than others. So ,the flexibility in thinking about the benefit of this collaboration can create a win – win relationship between the teacher and parents. In fact, learning from the other experiences is the shortest way to have a good knowledge. So ,exchange of experiences with the gifted students' teachers is the best way to have guidelines and strong direction to deal in some situations. Additionally, the teacher must invest in the talented abilities to help other students who are struggling in their study by asking them to do workshop for them. It will be a pleasant experience for both of them. On the other hand, to challenge their abilities, you have to give them extra work when they finish their activity early to keep them thinking and working all the time, which , in turn ,can encourage them to develop their abilities. In conclusion, Schools should be aware about a differences between the students regarding to their abilities level. So teaching a talented students requires a lots of research about how to deal with their skills and characters. Also a collaboration with students' families and the other teachers is bring you with a good experiences. However, being a gifted students teacher requires a hard work and substantive learning. By: Ahmed Alghamdi Cars are considered the most popular transportation in the world, it went through many stages of evolution with the help of manufacturers’ support. However, the automotive is facing a new period, with electric cars appearance. Cars manufactures are divided into supporters and opponents and their conflict has reached high level in the government. The important question is: What will happen if companies stopped producing gas vehicles and started to make electric vehicles only?! This shift could lead to huge impact according to ‘The Business Insider’ magazine. The number of jobs in automation will drop as the electric cars rise. As the demand shift, the automakers will adjust according to their needs. This great shift doesn't only has an effect on manufacturers, it will go beyond that. According to the Static website, Most of the oil production is consumed by cars. More than 45% of oil demand in the world is consumed by cars. Therefore, the shift to electric cars will impact on oil market price, the price may reduce as the electric car becomes popular. Sometimes we say that future knows better than us. Cars companies don't want electric vehicles production to increase. However, no one can stop the change. Electric cars are more efficient and safe to the environment and in future, it will be more affordable as the innovation continues. Electric car will last longer because it doesn't need a lot of mechanical parts nor mechanical repairs. All in all, many reasons lead to the promising success for electric vehicles in future. 25

Data breach best practices: what happened in Equifax and precautions to be considered By: Abeer Ghabban Equifax is one of the biggest and oldest companies in the United States that gathers and analysis consumer’s credit data globally. In September 7 ,2017 the company announced publicly that a cyber security took over 143 million American customers data such as social security numbers and birth dates (Equifax, 2017). The vulnerability in Equifax’s system gave the hackers the advantage to collect over 209,000 customers credit card details (Equifax, 2017). Unfortunately, the firm did not know about the breach until it’s too late. Cyber Attacks is happening regularly so, Equifax is not the first victim and it would not be the last. Therefore, small or large organizations should understand the needs for having safe environment. Precautions to be taken to avoid data breach: • Updates your antivirus software regularly to face any new malware attack and spams that could threaten your system infrastructure. • Each organisation should have a backup and effective recovery plan. • Teach your employees how to be safe in the internet by providing a training course about the company cybersecurity policy. • Protect your employees’ accounts with two authentication factors. • Encrypt your wireless using WPA2 and regularly scan your sensitive data. • Hackers can guess password by using different dictionary attack; therefore, complex password should be updated routinely. • Report spams and security incident to the IT support department. • Kasper (2017) advice that “employees should be able to contact the IT team in less than 20 seconds”. • Implement Firewall in all hardware devices such as servers and routers. To sum up, It seems reasonable to conclude that, all organizations should protect themselves from the lack of training and increase awareness by sharing various protection techniques. (Equifax, 2017): Kasper (2017): Museum of Art in Chicago By : Maha Almuqbel Before I went to the Museum of Art in Chicago last weekend, I was not a fan of museums, despite my visit to many of them. The purpose of my visit was to see them as a tourist attraction and to complement it with the tourist program, but this journey is different; it would not be exaggerating if I said I was saturated with art. When I walked through the museum, it was as if I were walking on the history road and turned back, the beauty I saw made me feel as I lived in those periods of time. What I liked the most was seeing that the Islamic culture section within the museum sections was not less important than other sections, where war helmets, armors, ancient decorated bowls, and some spectacular vessels were placed there witnessed how wonderful was and is the Islamic culture and art. What surprised me was observing the works of art painted with the golden fingers of the great artist of different nationalities and the perfect details in their paintings which refers to their genius. One attracted me more, a self-portrait which was painted in 1886 by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh where he painted himself just the same as what people do today taking selfie photographs for themselves, but what differs is that he took these amazing picture for himself by his hands’ drawing while we take selfies by digital cameras or a phone camera held in the hand or hang with a long selfie stick. 26

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