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Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper Fast learning By Saleh Allahim Time is very important in learning so, we have to adopt new learning methods to convey the knowledge fast. We have to be clever while teaching a thick curriculum to abbreviate the time and effort. In this article, I will summarize some positive ideas, which make our learning uncomplicated and fast . It is easy to teach or get knowledge but it is difficult to make it a live. Students learn easily and quickly when they get a live information. Students can get a quick and a live information through some techniques such as information discussion with students. Also when students learn through real life example. For instance, teaching math by relating it to students' life examples. I think this strategy allows students to learn quickly and make information unforgettable. Building a good relationship between teacher and students creates a comfortable atmosphere. When students feel like they are at home when receiving the information, they will learn speedily. In addition, they will come to learn without any alarm. I think by peaceful educational environment students can ask and answer comfortably. Many universities and schools all over the world use cooperative learning. It is a group work consist of two to four pupils work together. Actually, this strategy is not new and we can see it at every schools. Anyway, productive team is rare because sometimes all the group rely on the smart student. For example, when you give an assignment to group and let them work in this time they will learn from each other that help you to save time and labor. In my opinion, this method is type of affirmative active learning. As a matter of fact, people are different while receiving data because some of them are visual, others kinesthesis, and others auditory. Therefore, in learning, we should use multi-sensory equipment to go through all these types of people. I believe that we can save our effort and time by using this strategy. We can conclude that any learning process should have favorable approach. Such as collaborative learning, multi-sensory and emotional method. These methods create easy and creative learning. Sudoku by images Fill in the blank squares in the grid, making sure that every row, Column and 2-by-2 box includes all digits all symbols ( ) By / ASMA ALJAZZE 27

By : Botool Alhossayen The aim of developed societies is to achieve comprehensive development which includes meeting the basic needs of citizens, providing job opportunities for youth, reducing unemployment rates, achieving justice in the distribution of income, improving education, healthcare for all citizens, and spreading a love of knowledge and mastery of work. The human being is the first economic and social makeup of any society. The basis of human progress, maturity, awareness of our rights and duties, and our willingness to participate and take responsibility in this society are important areas to develop. Therefore, the developed countries are keen to include volunteer work as a science that is studied in schools, institutions, universities and training courses for civil society organizations. They present concepts, objectives, and fields in many publications. Including books or periodicals. The simplified definition of volunteerism is the effort of humanity, individually or collectively, for the benefit of society without a specific mandate, and is based primarily on free will and self motivation. Vin the community and to assume some responsibilities that contribute to meeting urgent social, economic or cultural needs, or to serve and address one of the issues facing the society. For example, support for rights, the consolidation of freedoms , the preservation of the basic needs of man (religion, self, mind, money, and offspring), or partial issues that undoubtedly contribute to alleviating the suffering of members of society. Volunteer philanthropy can be performed individually but is most likely to be performed in our time by organized (non governmental or governmental) entities, called charities or civic non profit organizations. They collectively comprise what is called civil society It has enacted laws and regulations regulating its work and its relationship with the state and with other entities in society. Islam's Volunteerism: Volunteering in our society derives its roots from the teachings of true Islam, which led to friendship and compassion, cooperation and solidarity, support and cooperation, advocacy and charity, giving and spending and quickness to good deeds, which have been detailed in many Quranic verses and Hadiths. In Islam and the Islamic state, an institutional image in the form of endowments, which spend their proceeds on mosques, Alkhilawi, hospitals, al equipping armies Asbla, the role of science. The role of volunteer work in community development: In his research entitled "Charitable work and its role in the development of society," Dr. Ahmed ElSayed ElKurdi proved that there is a close relationship between development and its success in society and volunteer work. The real and historical evidence indicates that development stems from the human being. At the same time, it aims at promoting it in all economic, social, health, and cultural fields. It is assumed that development is based on human effort. This requires, in addition to clear and specific plans, the presence of a conscious human being capable of participating in the work of development. The importance of volunteering in the development of society is highlighted through two important axes: 1. Utilizing human resources: Volunteer work plays a positive role in providing all members of society with the opportunity to participate in the necessary social and economic construction processes at all times and places. The volunteer work helps to develop a sense of responsibility among the participants and their ability to give and provide expertise and advice in the field. They are characterized by the optimal use of available resources. Volunteering also contributes to lower production costs. 28

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