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Newspaper Khebrat Wave2 Oakland 2018


By: Maha Almuqbel I was lucky to be a member of an international exchange program group related to educational professional development, which is held at Oakland University in U.S. The program falls under the umbrella of the new Saudi National Transformation plan 2020; a plan has set education as a priority in its agenda. The program is based on the principle of partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and various countries (Britain/ U.S.A/ Canada/ Australia and many more), where the host countries’ universities are responsible and supervising the whole process. The main participants and beneficiaries from this project are (counselorsteachers - principals - supervisors). They are the change leaders, who will lead change process in Saudi Arabia, all according to his\ her job. the culture and the laws of the host country, and clarify the participants roles and responsibilities. 2. English language Skills phase: During this phase, the university leads a program which develops the language academically. 3. Guided Immersion phase: This phase represents the key of the professional learning experience for the participant, in which they will practice through immersing in the hosted schools. The Galileo Saudi Arabian Leadership project is based on the premise that a main responsibility of school leaders is to work as agents of change who build the efficiency of teachers, principals, supervisors, counselors and other school staff to improve student's’ learning process. The program goes into three phases: 1. Orientation phase: During this phase, the university provides a general orientation about 2

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