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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By : Wejdan Alharbi Films truly reflect life because they usually reveal something about us that we don’t realize. They picture the spirit of life as well as the times we live in. Actions, love, drama and even horror scenes are life, too. Similarly, dreams mirror our thoughts, ideas and life. Indeed, the previous ideas were raised once I saw a film called "Inception". The word “Inception “means an act or a process of beginning. Leonardo DiCaprio is the hero who is known as a skilled thief. He steals information by getting access to the subconscious during the dream state. This job makes him a famous player in the world of spyware, but it really costs him everything he loves. As a result, he gets a chance to have another task. It is not about stealing ideas from dreams but planting others dreams to be real! By DiCaprio’s character moving from one task to another, I’m pretty sure that a lot of viewers’ questions are raised, too. What if our dreams were reality? We would have a lot of dreams which were beautiful, splendid and loving. We would want to stay in them forever. When we woke up from these kinds of dreams, we often would keep the feelings of warmth and love with us for most of the day and look forward to it again when we went to sleep that night. Furthermore, the dead people could come to us in dreams and talk about things that really happen in real life! When my father died, he used to come in my dreams with his gorgeous smile. In fact, this really brought comfort, warm and happiness to me. I felt as if he were really alive even if his body was buried. If life were not real and the dead visited us in dreams! So where is reality? I'm not sure of the reality of life but I'm pretty sure of the reality of another life! That is why there is a belief in Islam that shows that this life is nothing but entertainment, and the eternal life will be the Hereafter. So, what if life were not real? Could it be just a dream? This question is intriguing. It can be true, it can also not be. If you think for a moment in your “realistic dreams", the answer of the latter question will be "true". When you wake up, you feel they are so real, you can swear it happened before. If you wake up from these kinds of dreams, you feel that you live in illusion and ambiguity. You will understand that thoughts, actions, and speech imply dreams. So, dreams imply life. Actually, I’m not trying to advertise this idea neither convince you but I want you to think of its possibilities. Let us suppose that you were able to dream, any idea you liked and you had the power to live it! If you began this journey of risk, would you fulfill all your wishes? Would you say or do things, which you couldn’t do in reality? Would you get more and more adventurous? In this state, I’m sure that you would enjoy both your dreams and life because you would enjoy the reality no matter where it was. Finally, although there are no exact answers to the previous questions, all those questions are brought up by " Inception ". It is a good thing that Inception and other films like that make us question and reflect about life. How good is that! For this reason, films, fictions and art exist. 35

classes, ignorance of American culture is causing you embarrassment at some time when you hear "joke" For example, do not laugh or when someone asks you a few question and you will answer it without knowing that this is a joke in the state you live in. What you do most often is that you move your head and smile and pretend that you understand everything. Some may have preconceived notions about Americans, which may find them quite different from reality. 4- Differences dialects: Although everyone speaks English, there are dozens of different dialects that you may find difficult to understand. By Ali Alsadoon As we are international students at Oakland University we are facing few obstacles. I met some foreign students who study in United States and collected their answers as following: 1- Different laws: US traffic laws are stricter than our laws in our home countries. You may have trouble waiting to cross the road to follow the traffic sign even if there are no cars, and you may be comfortable crossing when you find an American ignoring the sign and the road. 2- Food: Finding the types of food you know, and stress several times that you do not eat pork, and the fear of new kinds of foods may contain ingredients which forbidden by God, which makes you always look for eating and reassure them and have to eat the same meal almost every day. At the same time, you may feel nostalgic about your country's food and begin to search for restaurants that make "kebabs", "cabsah" and others. The same is true for beverages, so you have to read the ingredients of each new drink to make sure it is free of alcohol or any ingredients of pork . 3- American culture: Even if you follow the good films and American series, you often find yourself unable to understand some of the stories told by your American friends, or by the professor during the Special thanks to those who share me this interview. I hope that they summarize the main difficulties that are facing students that are studying abroad. Sudoku Fill in the blank squares in the grid, making sure that every row, Column and 3-by-3 box includes all digits 1 through 9 By Abdulrahman Al-Qahtani 36

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