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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By: Abdulrahman Alshehri Some years ago people used to spend more time and energy when they did shopping while nowadays, with global technological improvements, particularly the internet, shopping has become easier and more convenient. For example, one can now go to the shopping mall and go online in the same time to shop. Shopping online has been increasing in popularity among consumers in recent years. But still there are problems between companies and customers. A significant point for companies is maintaining the confidence of customers when they want to buy online, because there are many fraudulent websites, which trick customers into giving personal details. In addition, some websites have a weak firewall, so it is easy for hackers to break through it and steal customer's personal data, such as PIN number of credit cards. As a result, online relationships between buyers and sellers are severed. Information presentation mode has been playing an important role for selling merchandise. On other words, some companies have perfect products, but unless they manage to attract buyers by user-friendly design and information, their efforts will be wasted. An example of a user-friendly website is as it is very easy for a user to purchase product from it. Therefore, if the presentation of the information is plain and simple, this will raise customer awareness of the products on the website thus generating sales. In fact, for any problem, there are many possible solutions. There are some solutions for companies where if they use good methods to sort out the problems, they can persuade customers to buy from their website. One solution to increase customer confidence is to create an intermediary between salesperson and customer. More specifically, some companies (for example, i-Escrow) act as intermediaries holding money and transferring it only after the buyer receives the merchandise. This service can help save the customers money and keep sellers honest in online shopping. In addition, experimental design of websites is quick to give credit to companies for making its success possible. The design is based on product information with direct links between them and categories are organized in pyramidal fashion. For instance, the books from are organized into different categories such as computer, business, education, etc. So, it is easy to find a book by searching the subject the customer wants. This is an important issue to know the amount of people who take the information and use it easily and more convenient. The preliminary results of experimental design are significant for companies to identify deficiencies. Therefore, companies can draft a new legislation after they show the outcome of the experimental design. In addition, companies should use modern technologies in their websites to provide facilities for users. For example, order forms should be easy and as simple as possible to help users to complete them quickly and without confusion. To sum up, some problems were not discussed and is in need of further investigation. For example, the relationship between customers and sellers, also different search behaviors with strategy of links building. In the future, online shopping will gradually increase. It will not be restricted to cheap items but will include expensive items, such as houses. In addition, there is an important role for governments to develop better security for shopping online by providing internet for people. 37

By :Rimah Al-ahmari By Dr. Mansour Alhumaidi Usually when you travel to a new, advanced and developed country, you will definitely experience a cultural shock. Culture shock defines as "experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from one's own; it is also the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, a move between social environments, or simply transition to another type of life" (John and Gerber. "Culture." Sociology. 7th edition ed. Toronto, ON: Pearson Canada Inc., 2010. 54. Print) People who are under the influence of cultural shock often feel puzzled and difficult to deal with reality. Thus, they feel homesick which affects their integration within the new community and eventually may return to their home without completing what they came for. So, they need to have the courage and the knowledge to get over it. Gating that knowledge will be through reading, discovering the new places and having courage lies in using what they know on the ground. The first week I had in the US was fun because I gathered information about the place in advanced before I moved to the US. This made things much easier for me, while many friends had suffered a lot to adapt. In fact, avoiding cultural shock requires courage, knowledge, intelligence, taking it seriously and always asking guidance from Allah(God). Soon) if Allah willing) I will write about the first week in Paris. The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has stated a new type of learning that is called "Digital Learning ". This kind of learning is new in the field of education. There are many aspects required for this type of learning. We are facing many problems in our schools that make this learning hard to apply. As teachers, we must collaborate to start a successful new way of learning. This type of learning uses technology to make it more effective. It may include blended learning, classroom technologies, learning objects, mobile- learning or online learning. Digital learning develops students' skills and confidence. The effective use of digital technology supports learning and teaching. Also, digital learning improves access to digital technology for all students. The first question that puzzled most of teachers was, how can they use this learning in the classroom. This is where Ministry of Education should take action. There must be extensive training for those teachers to understand what digital learning is and how would they use it in an effective way .In addition, these type of schools must have many equipment like wifi connection, computers, printers etc. Digital learning allows students to practice what they have learned remotely. It gives them a chance for feedback . It is carefully planned and designed to meet students' needs. Students get the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities. Digital learning sets out a clear pathway that all educators, students and parents participate online. Digital learning ensures great benefit to all of them. Digital learning empowers leaders of change to drive innovation in digital technology for teaching and learning. 38

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