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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By Ghazi Alrogi Galileo program is teacher leadership program that represents the collaboration between Saudi Ministry of Education and Oakland University. Oakland University represents the American education system which is well developed and well justified and considers from the top list of education in the world. It is devoted to enhance the performance of all students, promoting the level of education profession and enhancing the leadership skills of Saudi employees in education fields including teachers, principals, counselors and supervisors. This program goes under several steps from the beginning until the end. Also, this program focuses on concentrating on new trends in pedagogy and education that can help educators worldwide in dealing with their students as well as helping them to be the core of the learning process. The first step begins when Saudi Ministry of Education announces the beginning of the program to the teachers’ community with all positions. Then, they start to apply if they meet the requirements of the program. After that, they go under several tests and interviews. They must achieve the required proficiency of English Language which is 4 in IELTS or similar in other standardized tests. Furthermore, when teachers are nominated by their educational directorates they are going to have the final interview by the Ministry of Education that measures the teacher's’ ability to study abroad and adapt to western societies as well as their future vision of making change in Saudi Education. Oakland University which is located in the state of Michigan is one of the leading universities in the field of education in the world. The program is hosted by school of education which plays an important role in the success of Galileo Program from different perspectives. They provide qualified educators who understand how to develop teacher’s leadership skills from different perspectives. In addition, the university coordinates with school district to give Saudi teachers the opportunity to be trained at US schools through school immersion. Finally, support teachers and assist them in researches related to teacher’s leadership issues. This program is considered a great experience for any teacher to join to enhance his English language and leadership skills. Also, it gives the chance to learn about American culture and be part of that society. So, if you work in the field of education in Saudi Arabia do not miss the chance of being part of this program. 41


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