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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper By :Saleh Shaman Life is a school that begins when someone is born. Life teaches us lessons which can be either good or bad . The more we live , the more we learn. Life is a journey full of experiences and hard moments . However , living your life without current planning may lead to failure . Most people who failed in their lives have learned how to be more cautious and follow certain steps to achieve success . Most of the current successful people in the world today like Bill Gates said that they went through a massive failure and attempts, and from that they managed to learn and reach to the current height in the world’s economy. There are various situations such as economic crisis and rejections from the friends that have made the victims of the circumstances learn on whom to trust and keep as friends and the ones to stay away from. For example, when you have money , many people will pretend to be friends and they disappear when you lack that money. Therefore, it is only life that can assist an individual to learn true friends and wrong ones and it has several lessons. In conclusion, people should understand life is a school where they might learn many lessons. They have the freedom to choose which class of school of life they want to learn from. They have the good lessons and bad ones but the decision is up to them. Albaala' , the fog village which is hidden behind the clouds on top of Asir mountains, Southern of Saudi Arabia. A small village that has great history. Picture and caption by : Yusuf Asiri 3

Education Fundamental for Labor Market Outcomes Due Vision 2030 By: Ali Alsadoon Ministry of education Vision 2030 and its objectives go hand in hand with the agenda of the conference which held in Riyadh in 2016. These aims include aligning education outcomes with the needs of the labor market, preparing youths to enter the market, increasing women’s participation, and involving people with disabilities and developing their skills.. . The truth of the matter is that higher education foundations have set up capabilities in research, investigation and blue-sky investigation. In additionally, firms and businesses overall rely on a workforce that is capable in viable skills with certifiable application. These are the qualities that public-private associations can and do give since the private division knows precisely what it needs concerning the preparation and advancement of the experts in a specific field. The truth of the matter is that conventional foundations of higher education do not have the aggressiveness that the globalized economy requests. Private industry in the worldwide economy acknowledges blue-sky investigation yet requires talented workers that are capable at attractive abilities and greenfield suggestions that create unmistakable financial comes back to the firm. In this manner, publicprivate associations give a key system that can build up the intensity that business sectors, for example, Saudi Arabia require with a specific end goal to remain all around relevant. Integrating the private segment into the foundation and administration of higher education establishments is a key reaction to the worldwide commercial center. Education is presently perceived as being more connected with monetary productivity and basic of building up a country's global aggressiveness. The fact of the matter is that conventional higher education foundations regularly deliver generally low graduation rates as for the general number of projects that they offer. Moreover, they keep up 50 percent or higher rates in graduates that stay jobless for a timeframe following graduation or underemployed at some level. The center of Vision 2030 relies on learning construct factors. Traditionally determined economies rely on crude creation limit, common assets and the extent of the work constrain with a specific end goal to help monetary development. In any case, learning based economies in the contemporary worldwide condition, thus rely on two basic improvements which are a higher innovative framework and giving an accomplished and exceptionally prepared workforce. Fortunately, the national administration has perceived that it isn't sufficient for the Kingdom to keep on supporting its exceedingly regarded yet conventional higher education programs. Slightly, as this paper delineates, keeping in mind the end goal to remain monetarily applicable and to make the progress to a complete learning based economy, the Kingdom must profit itself of public-private organizations in higher education. Information driven economies rely on a workforce that can perceive greenfield open doors as well as to create executable plans that can exploit them. These sorts of public-private associations adjust flawlessly with the center fundamentals of the Vision 2030 teaching as declared by the Council of Economic and Development Affair. 4

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