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Galileo Saudi Arabia

Galileo Saudi Arabia Program Newspaper Book reviewed by: Amal Bashiri Do you have a child who is struggling with reading? Are you interested in helping students who have this problem? Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you have to start helping those students with reading. So you need to prepare a plan. The book of Kylene Beers “ When Kids Can’t Read “ is considered an enormous leap in the field of teaching reading. Though the book is large, the reader can go across the book very smoothly without reading each and every word. The book is directed specifically to teachers. It consists of 15 chapters and ends with an amazing appendix. The book is full of charts, photos, samples of pupils` work, illustrations, and the most attractive part is the “ step inside classroom “. In this section, a real situation from a classroom is vividly presented in a beautiful way. Many conversations between a teacher and a student have been used effectively to give solutions for many problems a teacher or a student might face. As a start, the writer concentrates on identifying whom she called as “struggling pupils”. The most apparent feature of those pupils, along with lack of confidence, is that they have cognitive problems. For instance, they can`t recognize the written forms of words and so they can’t reach the level of comprehension, which is needed as it is one of the most important goals of reading. As they suffer, they have a negative attitude towards reading thus, they lack enjoyment. As you go over “Kids Can’t Read”, you will discover many details and examples so as a teacher you can concentrate on the teaching strategies to help pupils deal with what they read effectively. The writer wants to transfer pupils from dependent readers to independent readers. Choosing the appropriate strategy for pupils is not enough. It is very important to model the strategy before pupils can start using it. As you start teaching word recognition start with high frequency words, phonics, spelling and syllables. Then you can work with comprehension by making them look over the text, find pronoun references, visualize, ask questions, predict, infer, or express their feelings or opinion about what they have read. There are many strategies and ways a teacher can use to develop independent readers who enjoy reading. To sum up, the first step a teacher should start with is raising students` confidence, involve them and make them enjoy reading. There are varieties of strategies to develop reading, but the most important thing is to keep on reading and have students challenge themselves. This way, they will become fluent and dependent readers. 5

Success By :Ahmed Alghamdi People have a different ideology of success' definition. Therefore, the definition will be different from one another but however, all definitions will come down to our desires, satisfaction or achievement when we reach our goals. In fact, Success is the human being's demand. Everyone wishes to reach but we need to have a true desire to move you forward. Most of the people think that the meaning of success should be associated with facing troubles and this is not the truth; Success could come to you easily. On the other hand, some of them think that success is getting higher education or getting more money. There are no books or courses which can show you how to be successful. It is true that success is different from one person to another depending on the person's achievement, but success is a way that you reach your ultimate goal, which is personal, and this has to be for you first then other. THINK WITH MATH By : Norah Balobaid 1) Find the value for the circle, triangle, and the square : 2) Find the missing numbers : 6

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