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Technical data LADY & SIR FUNK Design: Cory Grosser Product: ARMCHAIRS Two sizes of armchairs especially suited for arranging in rows of 3 or more units. TECHNICAL FEATURES Structure: the structure is made of Beech and Poplar wood. Padding: the padding is made of retardant Polyurethane foam. Upholstery: fully removable fabric covers or leather upholstery. Spare fabric cover: 55% on the corresponding category. Base: base in chromed metal. DIMENSIONS LADY&SIR FUNK, LADY armchair. LADY&SIR FUNK, SIR armchair. FINISHES Upholstery: Smart Office - Fabric cat. B, F, G, L, Leather and Extra Leather. Base: base in chromed metal. ESTEL rev. 01_04/2017_ The information shown in this document is based on the latest published price lists. The Company reserves the right to modify the products without prior notice.