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What Your Socks Say About You The socks an individual is wearing say a good deal about his character. People who are quite distinct with what they put on normally dress in a manner that reflects their mood for the day. Some may put on bright colors once they are feeling excited or pleased; and some may possibly select to wear monochromatic tops when they are down in the dumps. Get far more information about Calcetines originales Do you need to know what your socks say about you? Here is often a enjoyable list. 1. Knee Higher Socks When a girl wears knee high socks, she may be enrolled within a Catholic school. When they were younger, they should have taken it as some kind of restrictions but as these girls age, they learn to appreciate these knee high socks by personalizing them. Some would draw on them and some would even possess the socks hand painted. They have learned to turn boring and regular socks into exciting socks! 2. Classic socks

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