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Safety aspects for Transportation of Dangerous Goods

3 The Importance

3 The Importance of temperature All organic peroxides are thermally unstable and may tend to deteriorate more or less violently compared to the temperature of the material. Some organic peroxides are so unstable that even the ambient temperature can be affected by its rapid deterioration, and thats why requires temperature control and cooling in storage and transport. The maximum storage temperature in transport and storage is defined as the "control temperature" (Tc). Urgent precautions are taken to reduce the temperature of the organic peroxide stored in cases where the control temperature is exceeded. The upper critical level of the control temperature is called the "emergency temperature" (Te). In this case, emergency statement action must be applied by giving alarm. (See Chapter 10.) Set temperature for transport (ts) For advenced security, TS is lower than TC and higher than Tmin. Explanations: For maintaining the high class factors, some non-temperature controlled Organic Peroxides will be shipped under temperature controlled conditions. For temperature controlled and non-temperature controlled organic peroxides the bellowings heat acceptable: Minimum transport temperture (tmin): If the peroxide for the product is known to be a dangerous phase separation, crystal precipitates or solidification of the diluent, the minimum transport temperature (Tmin) should be observed.

IMDG Industry SADT T e Temperature Ts + 5°C Ts +10°C T AHH T AH T C Range of T s T min IMDG temperatures SADT = Self accelerating Decomposition Temperature T e = Emergency temperature = Control temperature T c Industry temperature settings (more conservative) T s T AHH T AH T min = Transport temperature setting = Temperature high-high alarm = Temperature high alarm = Minimum transport temperature Figure 2: Organic peroxide setting, control and emergency temperatures

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