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Best Dental Clinic in Delhi - Meraki Dental Studio

Meraki Dental Studio Delhi, India Looking for best dental clinic in Delhi, India? Meraki Multi-Specialty Dental Studio is a state of the art facility with well-qualified dentists who believe in continued education and utilizing world’s latest technologies and procedures to offer unprecedented service and care which you and your family is looking for. We believe in minimally invasive and painless dentistry. Preventive dentistry is our ultimate goal for every patient, which includes educating patients about daily dental hygiene and proper nutrition, as well as the benefits of periodic cleanings and checkups. Best Dental Clinic with experienced Doctors Meraki based in South Extension Part II is one of the one of the best Dental Clinics in Delhi, India and is known for its team of well qualified doctors who have earned their professional qualifications from top universities in India & abroad, and possess years of unmatched experience. We have the finest team of dentists from all specialized fields—Advanced General Dentistry, Aesthetics/Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery & implantology, Orthodontics (braces), Pedodontics / Paediatric and Prosthodontics. Cosmetic Dentistry and other Specialized fields Our experienced cosmetic dentists offer a comprehensive range of treatments designed to correct aesthetic imperfections and help you regain confidence in the way your smile looks. The smile makeover is done through various cosmetic dental procedures such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and tooth implants. That is the reason why we are considered among the best cosmetic dentist in South Delhi, India and a favourite destination for dental tourism to India from across the globe. Given that it is imperative to keep abreast with the ongoing developments in the field of dentistry, our team regularly travels around the world to embrace and implement the latest breakthroughs in dental science, technologies and practices. Personalized and informed Care Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our patients and to ensure distinguished service through personalized, honest, ethical and informed care. Our aim is to help the community achieve excellent oral healthcare through high quality, multidisciplinary and cost efficient dental services and procedures.

Tooth Sensitivity:

Tooth Sensitivity: Cause, Prevention and Treatment Sensitive Teeth? Tooth Sensitivity: Cause, Prevention and Treatment: At Meraki Dental Studio we see many patients who ask us about sensitive teeth. Don’t let this common ailment stop you from eating and enjoying the foods you love. Tooth sensitivity is the pain that you may feel on one or many teeth. We mostly refer to the pain that is stimulated by eating hot or cold foods, drinking hot or cold drinks, consuming sweets, or even by breathing cold air from the mouth. When speaking of tooth sensitivity, we do not refer to the intense pain that might feel in the mouth due to caries, fractures or infections. What causes Sensitive Teeth? Either your gums or teeth are to be blamed if eating cold, hot or sweet foods causes you discomfort. The causes of sensitivity are: • • Vigorous brushing: Brushing with a hard bristle toothbrush, or brushing with too much pressure wears away the enamel over time; the tooth layer under the enamel, called dentin, has nerves which are stimulated by hot and cold, as well as sweets. • • Gum recession: Where the gum level recedes and exposes the root of a tooth; the root doesn't have a protective enamel layer and may be sensitive to temperature changes; gum recession is mostly caused by hard brushing or by gum disease. • • Periodontitis: Which is an advanced stage of gum disease that starts by the inflammation of the gum, and then leads to the destruction of the supporting tissue of a tooth, including its bone; the gums therefore become less attached to the tooth, exposing its root.

• • Fracture: A cracked tooth can expose the internal layers (dentin) or the root, which causes sensitivity. • • Acidic diet: Foods with high acid content, if consumed excessively, they may wear out the enamel over time; those acid foods include soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, citric fruits or ice tea. • • Bruxism: Tooth grinding causes stress on tooth enamel and wears it out over time, which exposes the underlying dentin or root, or may even fracture the tooth, which either way causes sensitivity. • BRUSH AND FLOSS REGULARLY Plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease all cause sensitive teeth. Though there is some amount of genetics involved, proper brushing and flossing will help to minimize your risks. • DON’T BRUSH TOO VIGOROUSLY Brushing your teeth with too much force exposes the tubes mentioned above and cracks your teeth. Be sure to use gentle strokes with your toothbrush and consider softer bristles. • • PREVENT GRINDING YOUR TEETH Grinding your teeth also wears down the protective layers of your teeth. People who grind their teeth often have tooth sensitivity and cracked teeth that require which can require dental procedure. If you think you grind, talk to your dentist in South Delhi about wearing a protective occlusal splint while you sleep. • • REDUCE ACIDIC FOOD Acidic foods like lemon, tomato sauce, and pickles are tooth sensitivity culprits. These foods wear down the enamel of your teeth and should be eaten sparingly. • • How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity? Now that you know the biological root of tooth sensitivity, you may want to know what you are doing that worsens sensitive teeth. Here are tips to help you prevent tooth sensitivity. • • DON’T USE WHITENING TOOTHPASTE Whitening toothpaste can be abrasive and wear down tooth enamel. Use sparingly, if your teeth are sensitive, and talk to your dentist in South Delhi about other tooth whitening options.

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