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Office Insider - February 2018

This month’s Office Insider discusses technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and their role in the commercial real estate space.

Colliers News

Colliers News Teambuilding: Taming a dragon Back in December, in a time not too long ago, the office services team conquered Dragon’s Back trail. This treacherous hike, a team building adventure in the likes of a fantastical saga, took our brave OS warriors through moments of arduous hardship and moments of blissful merriment, to reach a portentous high of intimate comradery. Colliers CEO breakfast To kick-off 2018, Colliers hosted a CEO breakfast event. Participants included several industry heads, decision makers, and opinion leaders, all gathered together to discuss the latest market news. Key takeaways included: • Hong Kong’s investment market is looking strong. • New occupier sectors including finance, technology, and co-working spaces will increase rents across Asia. • Seven driving motives behind selecting a new apartment: Rent, distance, community, location, green living, neighbourhood, and enjoyment. For more information you can click here. Page 8 | Colliers International | Office Insider | February 2018

Meet our brokers Meet Wang Cheung, a broker and a mother How would you describe your role at Colliers International? WC: I’m a senior associate director with the office services team. I’ve always been grateful for the opportunity to work with both multinational and local companies from various industries on their office renewal, relocations, and acquisition projects. I work with them to determine their specific needs, and liaise closely with the office managers, financial controllers, CEOs and owners to understand their views and wants. I enjoy the vibrant environment and nature of the business, and work keeps me busy in a good way. Having spent seven years in the same function, I’ve built close relationships with my team, my clients, and my landlord counterparts – which brings a lot of pleasure to my work. How did you get in to the industry? WC: I started as a graduate with JLL and during that time I rotated through different roles, working in the sales, leasing, and international property teams. After spending some time as a landlord representative, I wanted a role with more exposure to the occupants and end users, one catering to corporate clients. At that time, Colliers’ Kowloon office services team was expanding and Fiona Ngan, Head of Office Services, offered me an opportunity to be a negotiator within her team. This was my beginnings in office leasing. Wang Cheung joined Colliers International seven years ago. Starting as a graduate, she is a seasoned broker with over 10 years of experience, that fully understands the intricacies of the office property market. Page 9 | Colliers International | Office Insider | February 2018