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Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market

Global Organic Food and Beverage Market is Expected to Reach USD 150 Billion by 2022 Owing to Exceptional Growth in the APAC Market: Ken Research

largest players in the

largest players in the market which are operating famous brands including Horizon Organic and Earth's Best. Growth in global organic food and beverage market will be facilitated by increasing production facilities and expanding geographical presence of major manufacturers, intensifying distribution channels, expansion of online organic food and beverage retailing, new product launches, government initiative to promote organic product consumption through subsidies to farmers and rise in consumption of organic baby products. APAC and Middle East & Africa regions including countries such as India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and UAE, have been projected to move from infancy stage in the review period to growth stage in the forecast period. Many new product lines and brands have been projected to launch during the forecast period. For instance, in India, Siri and Sretha organic brand will be launched, selling certified organic food products including Horse gram, green gram, black gram and chilli. APAC region has been projected to observe double digit growth with India and China being the fastest growing markets. Rising disposable income and growing awareness of organic production methods will be fuelling demand for organic foods in APAC. The Chinese market has amplified significantly over the past few years partly because of the high incidence of food scares, such as rotten meat, sewage oil and contaminated beef and pork. People in the country would be replacing such conventional products with their organic counterparts. The Indian market has also been showing accelerated growth. Similar to China, a burgeoning middle-class has been willing to pay a premium for organic foods perceived to be healthier and safer than conventional foods. Moreover, the announcement by the Indian government recently of a common organic logo and domestic regulation has been expected to boost consumer confidence. Furthermore, several organic food companies such as Inner Mongolia Shengmu High-Tech Dairy Company, the largest organic dairy company in China have been attracting huge investments. Organic baby food represents huge opportunity in Middle East region. The market is import oriented which further presents great prospects for global exporters around the world. Majority of demand from this region is likely to arise from Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Evolving organic agricultural techniques including introduction of new variety of hybrid seeds, regenerative agriculture, Mixed Stocking, Ley Farming, under-sowing and rock powder have been anticipated to provide the required boost in future. Ken Research in its latest study, “Global Organic Food and Beverage Market by Product Categories (Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Organic Dairy Products, Organic Meat, Fish and Poultry, Organic Bread and Bakery, Organic Tea and Coffee)-Outlook To 2022”, suggests that the demand for organic food and beverage products would continue to grow owing to rising awareness about health benefits from organic product consumption, launch of various new products and growth in demand for organic baby food products and expanding sales through internet portals. Keywords Global Organic Food Beverage Market World Organic Food Industry

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