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Do It Yourself Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

You can also spray paint

You can also spray paint the lids of old spice jars. New Drapes You do not have to get new drapes every time you remodel. One idea is to spray paint a white sheet in a graffiti manner creating loops. Remember to paint a solid base at the bottom. You can also take those old dish cloths and use them as short drapes for the sink windows. Wall Art This is the most common way to remodel and add space to your kitchen look. You can create a flower wall n your kitchen. Pick samples of flower pictures online and print them on old book paper for a rustic look. Another option would be to create a vintage display using old plates that you can pick up from the flea market. You can then organize them on the wall in a manner that you find suitable. Hang them using wall hangers. Natures Design You could also go for live flowers if you’re brave. You can use nature’s own samples to create amazing designs on dish towels. Pick some flowers and leaves from your garden. Place the leaf on one side of the dish cloth and then fold over it. Hammer the leaves to create an imprint on both sides. Iron the dish cloth on low heat to avoid fading.

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