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24—Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018 Cashless society: First certified Android PoS Terminal debuts in Nigeria By Prince Osuagwu Licensed payment terminal service provider, Global Accelerex, says it is bringing Nigeria’s first single unit android point of sale terminal to help push up the country’s cashless society initiative. The terminal to be known as NEXGO N5, would be certified for payment in Nigeria. The company claims that the newest device would be the latest revolution in the nation’s payment system as it runs on Lollipop 5.0 operating system and performs four times faster than any other payment terminal available today. The device is said to have efficient battery conservation and high performance. It is loaded with better protection against vulnerabilities and malware, giving users peace and allows them to focus on running their businesses effectively. Commenting on the introduction of the new product, Mr. Kayode Ariyo, the company’s Chief Operating Officer said that the introduction of the terminal marks another milestone in their quest to revolutionize PoS business in Nigeria with the most efficient payment solutions. He noted that the company’s bias for world-class technology, excellent service quality and innovation resulted in bringing the technology. Also, Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Stanley Peters, added: “We remain committed in our determination to deploy the best available PoS systems in the world into Nigeria. We will leverage technology to make payment systems faster, safer and more dependable. The unique terminal offers improved network selection logic, limited interruption of connectivity and standby power time of 120 hours, lasting up to five days before the battery drains out”. Packed with a Quad-Core processor, the smart terminal enables users multitask, giving them the luxury to perform multiple functions on the PoS terminal, without it slowing down or freezing. The processor also encourages lower power consumption and higher performance per watt. With its sleek and stylish design, the device has garnered world-class certifications which include PCI - certification of payment data security by international standards; EMVco - evaluates the security of a payment card before a transaction is approved; Visa - for smooth transition of card and contactless transactions; Mastercard - enhances functional reliability, interoperability and overall security; and AmEX, which enables international card acceptance and seamless transaction approval. CALL MASKING: Hammer may fall on interconnect clearing houses this week •Stakeholders warn NCC of hasty conclusions •Affected operators demand thorough investigations •NCC rules out license revocation By Prince Osuagwu (Hi Tech Editor) Barring any last minute inter vention, the hammer of the telecom regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, would drop on some interconnect clearing houses this week. This is following statement from the commission, penultimate week that no fewer than six internet exchange operators in the country are likely to lose their operating licenses over call masking before end of February. The licensees involved include Medallion Communications Limited, Interconnect Cleaning House Nigeria Limited, Niconnx Communication Limited, Breeze Micro Limited, Solid Interconnectivity and Exchange Telecommunications Limited. The Nigerian Communications Commission said it will impose the maximum possible penalties on any of its licensees implicated in the practice of masking of international telephone calls. The commission says the operating licenses of some of the interconnect exchange and other licensees involved in the practice could either be revoked or suspended this week. The action was a fall out of the Commission’s meeting with senior operatives from the nation’s security services and representatives of the said licensees at the Commission’s Abuja offices. The commission said it confronted the affected licensees with some of the evidence at its disposal indi- cating that they (the clearing houses) have been masking calls. Call masking is when a telephone number making a call is disguised or displayed as a different number. It is typically the case with companies that use what is known as non-geographical numbers. The Commission had over the years warned that the practice is illegal and that telecom companies indulging in the practice would be punished as it limits competition and also portends dire security implications for the country. However, different stakeholders have picked hole in NCC’s planned action and called for a broader investigation into the call masking allegation to ensure the right people are punished. Some of the stakeholders feel that the channels calls pass through before getting to the final recipient and should be properly scrutinized before a wrong group is punished for the sins of others. One of the stakeholders, who spoke to Hi-Tech on condition of anonymity, specifically fingered the telecom operators who he said are the last to see the call before the final recipient. According to him, “in my little knowledge of the process a call travels before the final consumer picks it, the mobile network operators are the last to see the calls and also have the right to pass it to the final consumer or not. If that is the case and of course they have the wherewithal to know a masked call, why would they pass such calls to the consumer? It is at this point, I want the NCC to think through its action and know whether to revisit the case with a more thorough investigation. Much as we would want the commission to be firm in regulating the industry, it would be a great disservice to the entire sector if its actions are based on hasty conclusions” Some of the fingered interconnect clearing houses told Hi-Tech that they believe that NCC was acting under pressure due to the precarious security situation of the country but would want the commission to liaise with them to find out where the problem was coming from rather than hitting them with a sledge hammer. “The regulator is like a father to all of us. There is a limit to how confrontational you can be to your father even if he is wrong, but personally, I believe that it would be more beneficial if the commission would explore our knowledge of •Prof Umar Danbatta the industry to be able to get to the root cause of this menace. Yes, I call it a menace because I know that is what call masking is, to the industry and the economy of a nation” one of the clearing houses told Hi- Tech. A top official of another clearing house also fingered by the NCC said: “It may interest you to know that we have no power to tamper with MNO traffic that passes through our system. It is actually the MNOs that profit a lot from call masking and refilling, if there is one Continues on page 25 C M YK

MOBILE MARKET with Tare / 0806 713 4677 Trending in the mobile market this Valentine Infinix Zero 5 Infinix Zero 5, one of the latest phones in the market, launched November, 2017, is now available at Microstation stores. The device, which is credited for being a high sensitivity phone, is fitted with e-compass, proximity, gyroscope, light and G- sensors. The gyroscope or gyro for short, in mobile phones is used to detect the orientation of the phone. It adds an additional dimension to the information supplied by the accelerometer by tracking rotation or twist. This, as well as the other mentioned sensors, adds to the ease of usage of the phone. It comes in red, gold and black colours and with N102, 000 you can own the Infinix Zero 5 with a massive 4,350mAh battery capacity. The device also comes with a super sized 6GB RAM that not only allows intensive and extensive use, it secures itel S32 Described as an ideal Thank God It’s Friday, TGIF, phone, the itel S32 seems apt for today’s Valentine festivities. The Zealot S1 The average Nigerian needs a flashlight and a charged phone. The average youth likes to have music handy, a charged phone and blasting music are sometimes non-negotiable, hence, the Zealot S1. Described as a dope product with nice and loud beat, by consumers, this Bluetooth speaker goes several steps ahead to not just be water against sudden crashes associated with heavy simultaneous apps usage, which some laptops cannot boast of having. This is backed by a 64GB internal memory that is expandable to 128GB. Camera is 16MP with a 13MP optical zoom. On a general note, it is advisable to stay within the expandable ROM specifications so mobile devices do not develop fault or worse, crash. dual base speakers serve for a mini party, just as its low light settings allow for taking selfies in dim light. Furthermore, its wide angle camera makes selfies with friends seamless. Itel S32 is fitted with an Android 7.0 (Nougat) operating system, a 5.5 inches screen, 3G network, a Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8 MP back camera and 5MP front camera. Its 16GB ROM is expandable to 32 GB and it has a whopping 3000 mAh removable Li-Ion battery to support extensive usage. Security can be by fingerprint. With N32,500 the itel S32, which is available in Slot stores nationwide, can be used to not just wow a loved one but also show love to oneself. proof and impact-proof, it is also affordable with a minimum of N5,000. Consumers went a step further to describe it as a product that gives more for less, a really handy product. Zealot S1 which is fitted with 4000mAh battery, Bluetooth speakers with a transmission distance of 10 meters, Mp3 Player, FM radio, auxiliary input, memory card slot and a powerful built in flashlight, is available on Jumia and Konga online stores and retail outlets nationwide. By Tare Youdeowei Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Taeick Son has declared that LG has in stock innovative user-friendly products designed to cater for their individual and collective needs during the winter season and thereafter. He made this known in a bid to allay the fears of consumers on how they would cope with the winter season. “We boast of ecofriendly products suitable enough for smart homes, that is what we are offering our highly esteemed consumers during this season. LG Twinwash and Styler solutions would be very useful during winter as it provides viable alternatives to professional clothing care. LG Styler “It is that time of the year when consumers make more use of thick coats, wool sweaters and loads of thermal underwear meant to protect them against the cold weather. LG Twinwash has the capacity to handle two separate loads simultaneously, allowing users to conveniently wash winter accessories such as hats and gloves in the mini washer seamlessly. The LG Styler is a must have for consumers during winter season because of its ability to handle wool materials that ordinarily cannot be washed in water. Interestingly, styler prevents fabric damage by ensuring the delicate treatment of clothing materials with its freshness intact,” Son declared. For the Winter Olympics, Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018—25 Hammer may fall on interconnect clearing houses this week Continued from page 24 in the sector now. “Besides, we are still having meetings with the NCC on this issue and have not concluded our meetings. I was shocked to read in the papers that we have been indicted without presenting to us any evidence of wrongdoing. I still believe that there will be a middle ground on the issue because NCC is not known for taking such hasty decisions”. Meanwhile, the NCC has also come out to recant its earlier position that the operators would lose their licenses, but insisted there must be punishment. The commission’s Executive Commissioner, Stakeholders Management, Mr. Sunday Dare, recently in Lagos, disclosed that the NCC was not going to take extreme action on the offenders even though actions must be taken. According to him, “The Commission is reviewing the responses of the Interconnect Clearinghouses on the allegations of call masking. Based on their responses, the Commission will determine, which of the licenses would either be suspended or sanctioned,” he said. “For us, revocation would be the last resort because we want to ensure that the telecom industry remains healthy. The Interconnect Clearinghouses are presently cooperating with us. We What LG Twinwash does for consumers during winter Son said that lovers of sporting activities who might not be able to physically be there NITRA set to host data centre operators By Prince Osuagwu As the world increas ingly exploits information technology for innovative services and competitive advantage, data centres are playing a rapidly expanding role in job creation and preservation as well as overall economic recovery. Closer to home, Nigeria has witnessed significant investments in data centres being established and it has often been argued that the availability of world class data centres in the country is critical infrastructure required for the implementation of the country’s broadband initiatives. With this is mind, Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Asso- might see some suspensions and sanctions in the next one week, but I don’t see revocation happening because we want to work with them, we don’t want to see any stress in the telecom industry.” The commission’s earlier statement had said: “In accordance with the provisions of the Nigerian Communications Act and its subsidiary regulations, the implicated licensees have been given till the 31st of January to show cause why the Commission should not either revoke or suspend their operating licenses in view of evidence of their involvement at the disposal of the Commission and the security agencies. due to the bad weather do not have to worry because LG has them covered. “OLED TV will deliver the actions directly to respective living rooms with lifelike images in bolder colours and unrivalled picture quality. In terms of catching up with their favourite sports with live streaming of events on mobile devices; LG G6 and V30 have •LG Styler the capacity to meet consumers’ need." ciation, NITRA, is set to hold its February 2018 edition of the monthly interactive session with chief executive officers of Nigeria’s leading data centre service providers; MainOne, Medallion Communications and Rack Centre, titled Breakfast Meeting with the CEO. Ms. Funke Opeke of MainOne, Mr. Ike Nnamani of Medallion and Mr. Tunde Coker of Rack Centre, have indicated that they will be present at the meeting which will have over 50 journalists in attendance. The event is slated to hold on Friday, February 16, 2018 at the R-Café Hotel at Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.