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14022018 - Workers flee as herdsmen overrun LG offices in Ondo

Vanguard Newspaper 14 February 2018


32—VANGU ANGUARD, ARD, WEDNESDAY, , FEBRUARY 14,2018 I need to let him know I fancy him! Dear Bunmi, I’m 24 years old and up until about a year ago, I had strong views about getting married. I promised my self I wouldn’t settle down until was at least 28. But now, my attitudes have changed dramatically and I think I have met the perfect man for me. We have been very good friends for about three years I still love my ex! Dear Bunmi, I‘m still madly in love with my ex and it’s making it impossible for me to move on. I have never known for sure if he’s over me, but when I tried to contact him, he didn’t respond, so I gave up. It’s driving me crazy and I feel I won’t be happy with anyone else, until I am properly over him. Have you some tips on how to move on? Motara by e-mail Dear Motara, DearBunmi, My four-year-old daughter mentioned something to me about a ‘second mummy’ her daddy was talking to at her nursery school. It turns out my husband has been texting the woman and has even met up with her a few times. Are they having sex too? Maybe they’re having a full affair. I am so upset I can’t believe he’s been spending time with her in front of our daughter. How do I confront him about this? Amaka, by e-mail. Dear Amaka, You need to ask him, but don’t let your imagination run away with you. Let him know what your daughter said, then give him chance to explain. He must know that if he was and we live next door to each other. He is in his late 20's and he is good looking, caring and very considerate - in fact he’s what you’ll call a perfect gentleman. Keeping my hands off him is agonising. I get jealous if he talks about other women and miss him terribly when he goes away. He doesn’t have a girlfriend Your ex isn’t making it impossible to get over him - you are, by keeping up trying to contact him. Sorry to be so blunt, but you have given him chance to respond and he’s blanked you. It’s time to move on. Delete his number. Dump him from your social media. Spend time on yourself and not on an ex who doesn’t deserve it. Take up a hobby or meet up with old friends. It’s time to take your life back! ...then give him chance to explain. He must know that if he was meeting another woman with your daughter, it would get back to you. It’s important you know the full truth before you decide what to do. and I just can’t stop thinking about him. I’m afraid that if I tell him how I feel it will jeopardise our close friendship. On the other hand, if I don’t say anything how will I ever know if he feels any affection for me? Should I open up or keep these feelings to myself? Ufioma, by e-mail. Dear Ufuoma, You really don’t have to throw this man to the ground and swear your undying love for him, you know. Feelings can be displayed without great declaration. Add a new element to the friendship you already have - buy him a lovely decoration for his room for instance, or a book on one of his interests, or offer him a small personal courtesy that will make him look at you in a slightly different way. Ask his advise about one of your ‘problems’ or about a new hairstyle. Ask him if he’d like to go to a movie, or somewhere off your usual beaten path. Make a gesture that will place the ball in his court and give him a chance to respond in his own way. Remember, most people do not lead their lives by taking big leaps, but simply by going gently with the flow. Who’s my daughter’s “second mummy?” meeting another woman with your daughter, it would get back to you. It’s important you know the full truth before you decide what to do. Stay calm in the meantime. Is my boss ashamed of me? Dear Bunmi, Two years ago, I started dating my boss, who is 10 years older than me and divorced. Away from the office, our relationship is great. I’ve met his kids and we’re now talking about me moving in with him. However, he refuses to tell anyone at work that we’re a couple and acts as if he barely knows me. I don’t want special treatment, but I’m starting to think he must be ashamed of me. Felicia, by e-mail. Dear Felicia, Why don’t you have a word with your man about how you feel? I’m sure he’s not ashamed of you. He’s just worried about how people will take the news. He might be wary of how his own boss would take the news or accuse him of being unprofessional. For all you know, most of your colleagues would have cottoned on to what is going on and just play along with you. Tell him how you feel about this secrecy. In the meantime, why don’t you start looking into jobs elsewhere? It’s possible to work along side your other half, but if you can move, it might be easier for both of you. He makes me pay for everything DearBunmi, Although my boyfriend has his own flat, he spends all his free time in mine. Only he scarcely pays for anything he eats or drinks. This makes me angry knowing how expensive food and utilities are. Whenever I asked him to chip in more, he agrees, then turns up with next to nothing in his wallet. As things are now, it is a struggle for me to pay for everything. Tonia, by e-mail. Dear Tonia, What you have on your hands is not just a money problem, it’s a loving problem. Dear Bunmi, I used to scoff at the adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but my wife is making me do a rethink. We’ve been married for more than 10 years and have three lovely children. My wife has been a good wife and mother. I have a very successful law practice and she does good business selling fabrics and jewellery. My grouse is that her cooking leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Most of the time, she has a trained caterer come to the house to do the week’s shopping for foodstuff and store enough prepared food in the deep-freezer to feed an army. This is all well and good but you know how erratic electricity is; and whenever the generator breaks down, meals become a nightmare. I’ve asked her to make more effort at cooking, but apart from simple fry-ups like dodo Your boyfriend, apart from being a leach, is lacking in respect, affection and care. He should want to contribute, make your life easier and want an equal relationship where you both at least, pay your way. If you’re to pay for things both of you enjoy, then it is obvious he’s in the relationship for all he can get. My advice? Don’t waste time trying to find the money to support this free-wheeler. And don’t waste your breath trying to convince him to pay his way. Show him the door and solve all your problems at once! Your wife has readily admitted her shortcomings in the kitchen and is willing to make up for it. If you’re a deft hand at cooking, helping once a while might challenge her After 10 years of marriage, can my wife ever learn to cook? and chips, her stews are something else. She told me she’s tired and doesn’t know what else to do. She is thinking of getting a live-in cook and paid for by her, but I still feel bad that she doesn’t love me enough to want to know how to cook. Nduka, by e-mail. Dear Nduka, Is it really the end of the world that your wife can’t cook? Just as some women are petrified at sitting behind the wheels, a few find experimenting in the kitchen a bit daunting. You said she is a good mother and wife, and has even offered to employ a livein cook paid for by her. If this is not love, I wonder what it is? Your wife has readily admitted her shortcomings in the kitchen and is willing to make up for it. If you’re a deft hand at cooking, helping once a while might challenge her. Share your problems and release your burden. 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Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018—33 :Vanguard News :@vanguardnews :@vanguardnews NEWS HOTLINES: 08052867023, 08052867058 We won't cede an inch of land to Ijaw —Benin leaders By Gabriel Enogholase B E N I N — FOLLOWING the face-off between the Benins and the Ijaws of Edo State over land ownership, the Benins have again vowed that they will employ every lawful means to ensure that no inch of their land was forcefully taken away from them by Herdsmen menace: Southern women threaten to boycott presidential poll By Festus Ahon A SABA—WORRIED by the terror being unleashed on innocent Nigerians, Southern women have vowed to boycott the 2019 presidential election should President Muhammadu Buhari fail to take a decisive step to tackle the rampaging herdsmen. The women, under the aegis of Concerned Southern Women for Good Governance, accused President Buhari of handling the security challenges posed by the herdsmen with kid gloves. Speaking to Vanguard yesterday, leader of the group, Patience Igho, said, “Women are a great economic force that a nation cannot ignore. They are at the bottom of the domestic economic growth pyramid. “Our women in the South are the strength of our agricultural boost because they do the farming and also take the produce for processing and then for sale. the Ijaws. They made the disclosure yesterday, at a meeting in Benin City attended by Benin traditional rulers, priests, chiefs, elders and political leaders including serving legislators in the state and National Assemblies. The Benins and Ijaws in parts of Edo State have been entangled in land disputes which if not properly major “The issue of herdsmen attacking and raping our women in the farms will lead to serious food crises in the South. So we women in the South will boycott the presidential election if this menace of herdsmen is not stopped because as it is, no one is talking.” Similarly, Chairman, Delta State House of Assembly Committee on Environment, Oil and Gas, Chief Daniel Yingi, has said that the proponents of cattle No factions in Delta APC —Group By Onozure Dania A political pressure g r o u p , Consolidated Dynamic APC, CDA, has said that there was no faction in Delta All Progressives Congress, APC, stressing that the party remains a force to be reckoned with in the state. Chairman of CDA, Mr Peter Akarogbe, who spoke in Ozoro, Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State at a security and tribal crisis in the state. At the meeting, the Benins insisted that the disputed land situated in five communities in Edo South senatorial district belongs to them, saying that the Ijaws, who they claimed are settlers, do not have rights to the land where they are currently dwelling. They called on the Benins PRESENTATION: From left: Miss Akuma Treasure, Social Prefect,Iganmode Grammar School; Mr Kehinde Elijah, Vice Principal Admin; Mr Tope Ashiwaju, Group Public Relations and Events Manager, Dufil Prima Foods Plc; Ebhodaghe Benedict, Assistant Head Boy and Mrs Ruth Adeyeye, Vice Principal, Academic, during the presentation of science lab equipment to Iganmode Grammar School, Otta, Ogun State. Photo: Akeem Salau. colonies are enemies of the country, insisting that land will not be ceded for cattle colony in the state. Yingi, who represents Burutu 1 constituency in the House, said thoughts and actions of proponents of cattle colony were capable of promoting crisis and disharmony among Nigerians. He said: “The condemnation that greeted the proposed cattle colony since it was announced by the Federal Government was meeting of the body, noted that there was never a time that Delta APC was factionalized, adding that the party was working to kick out the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, from the seat of power in 2019. Akarogbe, who addressed the meeting of its coordinators, said there had been a misunderstanding about what was going on in the party, explaining that the different groups in the at home and in the Diaspora to unite and ensure that the Ijaws do not take an inch of Benin land. Convener of the meeting and the traditional ruler of Obazuwa, HRH Prince Edun Akenzua, told the gathering that the meeting became necessary to enable them articulate ideas on how best to tackle the threat from the Ijaws, who are bent on taking over Benin land by force. a clear signal of the doom that goes with it. Cattle business is a private business, it is not a project of the Federal Government. “You can’t come through the back doors to start colonizing the people. Such a policy is capable of causing disintegration. I pray that those behind it will halt their moves and seek ways of promoting peace, love, unity and progress in Nigeria." party were working for the interest of the party. “Whether you like it or not, even twins have disagreement. Politics is a game of interest but at the end of the day when the primaries have come and gone, everybody will align. This is why we are saying that in CDA, we are not after any candidate. This is why we have canvassers who go to the field to canvass for members," he said. Itsekiri group passes confidence vote on Boroh By Gab Ejuwa A group, Itsekiri N a t i o n a l Development Initiative, has passed a vote of confidence on the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Matters/Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, General Paul Boroh (retd), over the prudent management of the amnesty funds and his resolve in ensuring that the programme benefits all those concerned, irrespective of ethnic nationalities in the Niger Delta region. The group also commended the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, for setting up a 16-man committee to interface with the Federal Government with a view to strengthening the JAMES Welch Grammar School marks 61st Founder's Day By Akpokona Omafuaire W ARRI—JAMES Welch Grammar School, JWGS, Emevor, Delta State, is set to celebrate its 61st Founder's Day this week. A statement by Justice J. E. Shakarho (retd ), National President and Otuata Alex, Secretary- General, JWGS Old Boys Association, said the Aziken dies at 58 DEACON Richard Aziken, from Omumu-Agbor, Ika South LGA, Delta State, is dead, aged 58. He will be buried tomorrow after a funeral service at Government Field, Agbor, Delta State. He is survived by several relations including an aged mother, his widow, Florence, and two children, Emmanuela and Dafe. Late Richard Aziken Presidential Amnesty Programme. Mr Dennis Mene, Chairman of Itsekiri National Development Initiative, in a statement, said all those calling for the removal of Boroh as coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme were enemies of Niger Delta development, who wish to continue in the status quo of sharing funds meant for the development of the region. He advised Boroh not to be distracted by the voice of enemies within, adding that he should as a matter of urgency deploy the balance of those in the programme, especially those that have been there since 2012 to their various study centres and higher institutions in the Niger Delta. activities will start tomorrow with the school's interhouse sports at the school field. The event continues on Friday with a pre-AGM/ NEC meeting to be hosted by the Ughelli branch of the association at Bishop V. Muoghere's Compound, opposite Onidjor Primary School, Uweru Town, while the AGM will hold on Saturday at the school chapel and a Special Founder's Day Lunch with students after the AGM at the dinning hall. Nwodo dies at 64 A community leader and banker, Nze Joseph Nwodo, 64, is dead. He will be buried in his country home, Onicha Enugu Ezike on February 17, 2018. Left to mourn him are his widow, Charity and three children, Chidinma, Ebuka and Tochukwu. Late Nze Nwodo