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WINKLERS’ BALANCE MAN AND NATURE THROUGH THE SEASONS The Winklers’ Balance programme is inspired by the elements and the seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It is devised to help us blossom like bushes in spring, grow like fruits in the summer time, learn to let go like autumn leaves, and rest like shrubs in winter. WINKLERS’ INSIDER TIP SPECIAL A healthy mind in a healthy body. Meridian stretching, Pilates and physiotherapeutic treatments (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, tapes, lymphatic drainage with the Asdonk method) for better balance and health! Check our “Recharge” deal with 6 yoga or Qigong lessons a week, from 4 November to 1 December 2018. See page 79 for all details! Jennifer Physiotherapist at the Winklerhotels Karin Peskoller Certified Shaolin-Qigong trainer 8

PREMIUM SPA WINKLERS’ INSIDER TIP The cycle of the seasons is a lifecycle: spring, summer, autumn and winter correspond to childhood/youth, adulthood, mature age, and elderliness respectively. Based on this principle, the Winklerhotels offer an extraordinary wellness and vitality programme, including everything from traditional rituals to quality natural products. Make time for your body and mind! Miriam Winkler Hotelier Season SPRING May and June SUMMER July and August AUTUMN September and October WINTER November Cardinal direction East South West North Element Air Fire Water Earth Life cycle Childhood and youth Adulthood Maturity Old age Activity programme Sunrise hike The beginning of a new day is similar to the beginning of a new life cycle in spring. Dew walk Barefoot walk in the morning dew with a special movement and breathing technique The three Paths of Health in Rio Bianco (Dr. Gruber’s method) Visit to the climatic gallery “I breathe” – the source of all life Hike with Kneipp Hike at the Reinbach waterfalls followed by Kneipping Meditation by the campfire Singing-bowl meditation in interaction with the four elements Progressive muscle relaxation Muscle relaxation through specific breathing- and movement techniques (E. Jacobson’s method) Signs of the times Hikes to the earth pyramides Specials Presentations (8.30-9.30 p.m.): Herbs for all senses, tasting and smelling, tales and meditation Seminar on bases, cleansing and detoxifying the body After dinner: Fire and dance Meditation by the campfire “Mountain-pine walk” A highlight to crown a hike Singing-bowl footbath A night of legends and fairy tales Singing-bowl footbath Incense ritual Torchlight hike Breathing is life Breathing- and movement techniques Spa Herbal peeling Herbal sauna infusion with herbal compote Sauna infusion by tassel, incl. serving of home-baked bread, fresh herbs, and tea Sauna infusion with St. John’s Wort or mullein Sauna infusion with mountain pine essence and pine water WoodaPeal – mountain pine peeling Water gymnastics Kneipp infusion with lemon water Firming peeling Yoga Qigong Infusion show Medicinal-clay pack for the Turkish bath Treatments Liver wrap, Jentschura, herbal stamps, lymphatic drainage, treatments by Team Dr. Joseph Packs and baths with mountain pine essence, foot-reflexology massage Body wraps, Dynamic Recreation back massage Foot-reflexology massage Revitalising baths and packs Firming body massage, anti-cellulite treatment, Ayurveda treatment Nutrition 1 alkaline breakfast and menu per week 1 herbal menu All about blossoms, vegetables, and berries Our weekly culinary special: breakfast in the woods Water tasting – water is life Autumn vegetables: the potato Focus: vegetables Vitamin-packed fruits Energy-boosters and tricks to strengthen the immune system Private barbecue with seasonal vegetables 9