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Featuring Chinazom Enyi on this month's cover, Stylebeat Magazine is an urban Nigerian lifestyle digital magazine. We engage readers with captivating articles, including regular interviews with influential artists, beauticians and generally the Nigerian enterprising youth who is impacting change in the society. We also include but not limited to topics such as family, business, travel, art exhibitions, events, movies and so much more! You can also check out our website


THE SOFA TALK ENYI: CHINAZOM • At what age did you get in contact with style and fashion? I have been the family personal shopper since age 16. I don’t how that happened but yea I have an eye for good things, fashion, style, beauty you name it. • Who or what influences your style? I get style inspiration from a lot of fashionable people but Sarah Jessica Parker is my favourite. • How would you describe your signature look? Glamourous. • If you were stranded on an island what are those fashion items you cannot do without? My sunglasses, sun hat, lip balm and slides • What are your favourite trends right now? Tassels & thigh-high slits. • What trend would you want to “make it go”? Distressed Tee-Shirts!! Please!! • How long does it take you to get dressed? About an hour. PAGE 10 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

THE SOFA TALK ENYI: • What is the latest collection of your Eyelash line like? What inspired it? And how has your CHINAZOM audience accepted it so far? The latest collections are ‘oge’ and ‘uju’. They are in the dramatic series and have been accepted excellently. I do make-up for a lot of celebrities that need that extra dramatic look for their photo shoots and music videos so the demand inspired it. • What is the perfect breakfast for your family? Pancakes • How do you spend your family time? My husband and I have movie nights, we try to all go out as a family on weekends to picnics, parties or just places where the kids can have fun and I read to my kids every night no matter how tired I am. • How do we get in touch with you? Email; Instagram: @glambeatbeauty HAVE MOVIE I WITH NIGHTS PAGE 11 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA MY HUSBAND...

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