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Featuring Chinazom Enyi on this month's cover, Stylebeat Magazine is an urban Nigerian lifestyle digital magazine. We engage readers with captivating articles, including regular interviews with influential artists, beauticians and generally the Nigerian enterprising youth who is impacting change in the society. We also include but not limited to topics such as family, business, travel, art exhibitions, events, movies and so much more! You can also check out our website


2. CHRISTINA LAUREN 'S DATING YOU HATING YOU What happens when the guy you like is employed in the same place you work. Throw it a little BOOKMITES WITH NESSA workplace competition and I introduce to you Evie and Carter. Remember love doesn't pay the bills, money does. They bring on the workplaces antics, pranks, bathroom kisses while trying to make their relationship work. In this book, they make the effort to find balance - to make it work out. 3. AYOBAMI ADEBAYO'S STAY WITH ME: Love can do anything but can it solve four years of marriage without children? A novel set in a period of political turmoil in Nigeria, from the beginning of the 80s to the early 2000s still we discover that life and relationships can still be shaped by our hands. Akin and Yejide marry in love but situations seem to drag them apart. In this one of a kind novel, Yejide and Akin experiences love, loss, heartbreaks, guilt, betrayal and despair. They will make desperate attempts to save themselves. 4. KATIE COTUNGO'S 99 DAYS: A girl leaves her hometown after her mum publishes a bestselling book of her complicated relationship with two brothers. A complicated summer of love begins when she comes back to the town to face the boy whose heart she broke and the boy she broke it for. Just 99 days left before she leaves for College and every day is a new story. * * * Lighten up your February with these relatable novels on the top of your TBR PAGE 16 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

Photograph by wikipedia M O V I E S THE REEL WRITTEN BY OFFICIALPRIMA Perhaps one of the most "Oscar-baiting" movies of the year (Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg!! Come on!)... Perhaps one of the most "Oscar-baiting" movies of the year (Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg!! Come on!)... The post couldn't have come at a better time... A historical drama set in the early 1970's depicts the story of Kat Graham... And her fight to do the most difficult thing in the Reagan administration was to tell the truth. Meryl Streep does it again... Proving for the 61st time that she's more than a cold and technical actress. With her performance less proves to be more… And without excessive dramatics or hysterics.. We are sucked into life of the incredible woman Katharine Graham and what it means to risk everything to make the right choice. Tom hanks is as brilliant as ever in his performance as Ben Bradlee and with an ensemble cast including Alison Brie, and Bob Odenkirk... The acting in this film leaves nothing to be desired. Steven Spielberg is as masterful as ever with the post... With every movie we wonder if he can ever measure to the brilliance of "Saving Private Ryan". We are amazed each time and the post is no exception. Writers, Liz Hannah and Josh Singer do an amazing job with the script with half the material and in half the time!!! In all, The Post is a great movie on the threshold of becoming a master piece but narrowly falls short. Not to worry... We predict at least 5 nods at the Oscars Best actress for Streep, Best actor for Hanks, Best director for Spielberg and Best Screenplay for Hannah and Singer.) So, Go watch “The Post” and be shocked at how History has a way of repeating itself... RATINGS… 4 STARS OUT OF 5. PAGE 17 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

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