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Featuring Chinazom Enyi on this month's cover, Stylebeat Magazine is an urban Nigerian lifestyle digital magazine. We engage readers with captivating articles, including regular interviews with influential artists, beauticians and generally the Nigerian enterprising youth who is impacting change in the society. We also include but not limited to topics such as family, business, travel, art exhibitions, events, movies and so much more! You can also check out our website

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WITH KAYZ image from daily post nigeria Big brother on my timeline and mind. " STREETS THE ON " The hot topic on all our lips and social media pages is the Big brother Nigeria that is now ongoing. Even children who were mere babies when the maiden edition was aired are getting all excited and already picking favourites. Numerous reactions have trailed the commencement of the third edition and as usual, we are on this streets for the juiciest "tatafo " on the topic. There is the first group who are mad excited to watch other people do all manner of stuff on camera because they finally have live 'amebo' to engage in. Then there are the people who are just glad that the show is back on as a great distraction from the effects of poor governance both on the side of the government and the suffering masses. There are also the social commentators who have put on their judges' hat, ready to watch to see and decry the moral decadence of the 21st-century Nigerian youth. But in all things, there is some lesson or knowledge to be gleaned. I personally can bet you dear reader that most watchers of big brother do not realize that it was inspired by the ominous surveillance system in the futuristic world of George Orwell's 1984. There you learned something new. Now let's get our popcorn and prepare to enjoy the show. Which "nation" shall I join? I ask myself based on logistics. PAGE 18 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

Umoh: Akanimoh Artist's Isle The The artist is Akanimoh Umoh, a watercolor realist painter. Style beat magazine Nigeria had the utmost pleasure of discussing with him about his perception in the new year for his art and his art mistakes in 2017. Here is what he had to say: Q: What is your personal perception of your art and the sales for you? A : Well.. personally I look forward to strengthening already existing relationships between myself and my clients and also with new clients interested in my art direction. I also hope to chart a new direction in my art too;forging new partnerships, evolving new styles and being a bit more professional in my approach this time around. Hopefully there would be no setbacks this year. ( he laughs) but where such happens, I bet it's best I pick myself up, dust myself over and surge ahead like everyone else. PAGE 19 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

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