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Water softeners catalogue

We are a wholesale supplier of products, solutions and services in water treatment. We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers. A catalog that includes products carefully selected from the most prestigious brands in the Water Treatment market, operative site, personalized services, logistics precise and efficient, flexible organization, but also the basic importance that is attributed to human factors and relationships with partners, are of Sinergroup Srl a reference for many companies of the sector.

Compatible with:

Compatible with: 15015502-08, 15015502-09 PROTANK brine tank 850-1.000lit. Code: 15015505 BTS square brine tanks for water softener from 100 to 140lit. Variants Code Description 15015505-03 BTS square grey brine tank for water softener 100lit. 15015505-10 BTS square white brine tank for water softener 140lit. Features: • Blow-molded from high quality NSF approved high density polyethylene providing exceptional crack resistance • Seamless one-piece construction with molded handles for easy handling and tight fit lid for security • Stackable, lightweight design • Brine valve with Safety (standard) or optional air-check • Salt grid with removable legs for compact shipment • 10 Year Guarantee 100lit. model (cod. 15015505-03) • Dimensions in cm (HxWxD) 88x38,2x38,2 • Salt capacity: 104,1 kg (230 Lbs) • Liquid volume: 94,5 lit. (25 US Gal) 140lit. model (cod. 15015505-10) • Dimensions in cm (HxWxD) 90,4x58,2x36,2 Pressure Vessels Code: 15015601 Pressure tanks from 5"x13" to 10"x35" without base Variants Code Description 15015601-005 Pressure tanks 6x13 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A307-B338-C344-D155-E159-F94) 4lit. w/o base (12) 15015601-015 Pressure tanks 7x13 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A311-B342-C346-D188-E196-F116) 6lit. w/o base (8) 13 February 2018 66/72

15015601-017 Pressure tanks 7x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A407-B438-C442-D188-E196-F116) 8,5lit. w/o base (8) 15015601-023 Pressure tanks 7x30 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A734-B765-C769-D188-E196-F116) 15,7lit. w/o base (4) 15015601-027 Pressure tanks 7x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C897-D188-E196-F116) 18,5lit. w/o base (4) 15015601-031 Pressure tanks 8x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A406-B437-C442-D212-E219-F120) 11lit. w/o base (8) 15015601-042 Pressure tanks 8x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C897-D212-E219-F120) 25lit. w/o base (4) 15015601-049 Pressure tanks 9x13 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A311-B342-C350-D240-E246-F126) 9,5lit. w/o base (8) 15015601-052 Pressure tanks 9x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A406-B435-C443-D240-E246-F126) 13,5lit. w/o base (8) 15015601-054 Pressure tanks 9x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C901-D240-E246-F126) 32lit. w/o base (4) 15015601-058 Pressure tanks 10x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A403-B434-C438-D267-E271-F145) 16lit. w/o base (8) 15015601-059 Pressure tanks 10x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C897-D267-E271-F145) 39lit. w/o base (4) High mechanical resistance pressure tanks made of an internal HD food-suitable polyethylene liner and of an outer covering in reinforced glassfiber and resin. 1* The polyethylene is the raw material used to produce the tank. 2* The liner is the basic semifinished product. The different sizes are produced on the basis of statistics. 3* The blow moulding is one of the most complex and crucial stages of the entire production cycle. 4* Fiberglass and resin are the basic products of outer laminate of the tank. These raw materials have to be mixed with other components in accordance with an exclusive HST method in order to guarantee resistance and elasticity. 5* The filament winding is the last stage of the production cycle in which all the experience and know-out of HST concentrate. Every detail is of primary importance to obtain the best result: the different true clearances of the two winding methods (radial and helicoidal ), the forward speed of fiberglass thread and the forward speed of liner rotation, the constant tension of fiberglass thread, the right temperature, these are only some details which have to be constantly checked in order to obtain the best result. 6* The tests check the product and verify if its quality is conformed to the quality standard. 7* Once the tank has been produced and tested, it is stored in specific areas, ready to be shipped. Features Inner polyethylene liner in reinforced fiberglass* Working pressure: > min 0 bar > max 10 bar (tanks 5” to 18”), > min 0 bar > max 8 bar (tanks 21” to 36”) * Working temperature: > min 1°C > max 50°C. Control data Testing pressure: 0-10 bar. * Burst pressure at 250.000 fatigue cycles between 0-10 bar: Over 32 bar * 3" * Cracking test after 52 hours of polymerization: 45bar. Top tank series A thread on the top of the tank. Top-bottom tank series Two threads: one thread on the top and the other one at the bottom of the tank. Sizing according to the softener tank to be built Suppose you need to assemble a water softener 30 liter, the calculation to be made is 39x0, 8 = 31.20 (39 liters are the ability of the cylinder x 0.8 fixed coefficient = 31.20 liters is the result of resin to be introduced in the cylinder) Code: 15015602 Pressure tanks from 5"x13" to 10"x35" with base 13 February 2018 67/72

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