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Water softeners catalogue

We are a wholesale supplier of products, solutions and services in water treatment. We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers. A catalog that includes products carefully selected from the most prestigious brands in the Water Treatment market, operative site, personalized services, logistics precise and efficient, flexible organization, but also the basic importance that is attributed to human factors and relationships with partners, are of Sinergroup Srl a reference for many companies of the sector.

Variants Code

Variants Code Description 15015602-005 Pressure tanks 6x13 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A307-B338-C344-D155-E159-F94) 4lit. with base (12) 15015602-015 Pressure tanks 7x13 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A311-B342-C346-D188-E196-F116) 6lit. with base (8) 15015602-017 Pressure tanks 7x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A407-B438-C442-D188-E196-F116) 8,5lit. with base (8) 15015602-023 Pressure tanks 7x30 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A734-B765-C769-D188-E196-F116) 15,7lit. with base (4) 15015602-027 Pressure tanks 7x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C897-D188-E196-F116) 18,5lit. with base (4) 15015602-031 Pressure tanks 8x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A406-B437-C442-D212-E219-F120) 11lit. with base (8) 15015602-042 Pressure tanks 8x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C897-D212-E219-F120) 25lit. with base (4) 15015602-052 Pressure tanks 9x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A406-B435-C443-D240-E246-F126) 13,5lit. with base (8) 15015602-054 Pressure tanks 9x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C901-D240-E246-F126) 32lit. with base (4) 15015602-058 Pressure tanks 10x17 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A403-B434-C438-D267-E271-F145) 16lit. with base (8) 15015602-059 Pressure tanks 10x35 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A862-B893-C897-D267-E271-F145) 39lit. with base (4) Code: 15015603 Pressure tanks from 10"x44" to 36"x72" with base Variants Code Description 15015603-034 Pressure tanks 10x44 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A1093-B1124-C1128-D267-E271-F145) 49,5lit. with base (4) 15015603-036 Pressure tanks 10x54 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A1350-B1384-C1385-D267-E271-F145) 62lit. with base (4) 15015603-038 Pressure tanks 10x60 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A1497-B1528-C1532-D267-E271-F145) 76lit. with base (4) 15015603-041 Pressure tanks 13x54 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A1356-B1387-C1390-D345-E350-F195) 106lit. with base (1) 15015603-047 Pressure tanks 14x55 Thread 4-0 (A1325-B1355-C1360-D375-E388-F260) 116lit. with base (1) 15015603-050 Pressure tanks 14x65 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A1575-B1605-C1610-D375-E388-F260) 143lit. with base (1) 15015603-055 Pressure tanks 16x55 Thread 4-0 (A1370-B1400-C1400-D425-E445-F280) 160lit. with base (1) 15015603-057 Pressure tanks 16x65 Thread 2 1/2-0 (A1625-B1655-C1660-D425-E445-F280) 194lit. with base (1) 15015603-064 Pressure tanks 18x65 Thread 4-0 (A1695-B1725-C1731-D460-E480-F318) 250lit. with base (1) Code: 15015604 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Variants Code Description 15015604-02 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Ø 6” 15015604-03 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Ø 7” 15015604-04 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Ø 8” 15015604-05 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Ø 9” 13 February 2018 68/72

15015604-06 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Ø 10” 15015604-07 Base PP only top for pressure vessel softening - filtration Ø 13” Suitable for pressure vessels series 15015601, 15015602, 15015603 Code: 15015605 Reduction pressure tank thread 4" - 2-1/2" with O'Ring Code: 15015606 Greentank pressure vessels from 5"x17" to 63"x86" with base Variants Code Description 15015606-001 Greentank pressure vessels 5x17 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La424-Lb424-Da122-Db129) 3,81lit. w base 15015606-002 Greentank pressure vessels 5x20 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La515-Lb515-Da122-Db129) 4.5lit. w base 15015606-008 Greentank pressure vessels 7x13 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La335-Lb331-Da181-Db190) 6.3lit. w base 15015606-009 Greentank pressure vessels 7x17 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La437-Lb432-Da181-Db190) 8,5lit. w base 15015606-010 Greentank pressure vessels 7x19 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La488-Lb484-Da182-Db190) 9,72lit. w base 15015606-011 Greentank pressure vessels 7x22 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La566-Lb562-Da182-Db190) 11,4lit. w base 15015606-012 Greentank pressure vessels 7x30 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La768-Lb763-Da182-Db190) 15,8lit. w base 15015606-013 Greentank pressure vessels 7x35 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La896-Lb891-Da181-Db190) 19,1lit. w base 15015606-014 Greentank pressure vessels 7x44 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La1123-Lb1118-Da181-Db190) 24,3lit. w base 15015606-016 Greentank pressure vessels 8x15 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La385-Lb381-Da205-Db215) 9,3lit. w base 15015606-017 Greentank pressure vessels 8x17 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La437-Lb432-Da205-Db215) 10,5lit. w base 15015606-022 Greentank pressure vessels 8x30 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La770-Lb765-Da205-Db215) 21lit. w base 15015606-023 Greentank pressure vessels 8x35 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La897-Lb891-Da205-Db215) 23,6lit. w base 15015606-024 Greentank pressure vessels 8x44 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La1122-Lb1118-Da205-Db215) 31,3lit. w base 15015606-027 Greentank pressure vessels 9x17 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La439-Lb432-Da232-Db242) 14lit. w base 15015606-032 Greentank pressure vessels 9x35 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La898-Lb891-Da232-Db242) 31,6lit. w base 15015606-033 Greentank pressure vessels 9x42 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La1122-Lb1067-Da232-Db242) 38,5lit. w base 15015606-034 Greentank pressure vessels 9x48 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La898-Lb1221-Da232-Db242) 44,6lit. w base 15015606-036 Greentank pressure vessels 10x15 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La384-Lb381-Da255-Db268) 14lit. w base 15015606-037 Greentank pressure vessels 10x17 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La434-Lb431-Da255-Db268) 16,5lit. w base 15015606-039 Greentank pressure vessels 10x24 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La609-Lb606-Da258-Db268) 24,8lit. w base 15015606-040 Greentank pressure vessels 10x26 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La664-Lb661-Da258-Db268) 27,33lit. w base 15015606-041 Greentank pressure vessels 10x30 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La765-Lb763-Da258-Db268) 32,28lit. w base 15015606-042 Greentank pressure vessels 10x35 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La893-Lb891-Da255-Db268) 38,3lit. w base 15015606-044 Greentank pressure vessels 10x40 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La1022-Lb1020-Da258-Db268) 44,65lit. w base 15015606-045 Greentank pressure vessels 10x44 thread 2.5"(8)NPSM-0 (La1121-Lb1118-Da255-Db268) 48,8lit. w base 13 February 2018 69/72

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