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Installation accessories catalogue

We are a wholesale supplier of products, solutions and services in water treatment. We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers. A catalog that includes products carefully selected from the most prestigious brands in the Water Treatment market, operative site, personalized services, logistics precise and efficient, flexible organization, but also the basic importance that is attributed to human factors and relationships with partners, are of Sinergroup Srl a reference for many companies of the sector.

Keep pressing display

Keep pressing display button, then press reset button and release both of the buttons. The DigliFlow 8000T will go into setting procedure. The digit will flash to notice you that the setting procedure is on. SETTING CAPACITY Press display button to choose the capacity. The sequence is 0-100-200-300...9800-9900-OFF. Then press reset button to save the capacity. Then go into Timing setting. *The capacity mode will be disabled when you choose OFF. SET TIMING Press Display button to choose the Timing. The sequence is 0-30-60-90...690-720-OFF. Then press reset to save the Timing. The setting procedure is completed. *The capacity mode will be disabled when you choose OFF. **The setting procedure will be terminated, and go back to the original status if there is no input for 10 seconds. CONNECTING FITTING The specification of the DigiFlow8000T connectors is 3/8" MNPT female. You could use any 3/8" MNPT male connectors. OPERATING The DigiFlow 8000T will be automatically on when there is any water flowing through the sensor. It will be automatically off wen there is no water flowing for 10 seconds. DISPLAY BUTTON: Press display button is to display the status of the three modes of the DigiFlow 8000T. Capacity mode: showing the capacity left. Timing mode; showing the timing left. Flow rate mode: showing the current flow rate. The sequence is Flow-rate - Timing Capacity... RESET BUTTON: Press reset button is to reset the setting to be the last setting. ALARM - Noticing Alarm When Capacity is lower than 30 gallons or timing is lower than 7 days, the buzzer will beep once and the digit will beep once and the digit will flash to notice you to prepare changing the filter cartridge when there is any water flowing through DigiFlow 8000T or press the display button. Warning Alarm When Capacity reaches 0 gallon or Timing reaches 0 day, the buzzer will beep twice and the digit will flash to notice you to change the filter cartridge when there is any water flowing through Digiflow 8000T or press the display button. Low Battery Power Alarm When the battery power lower than normal working level, the buzzer will beep twice to notice you to change the battery. The data will be kept in memory when the battery power is run out or battery is removed. Code: 01001206 Control Box for R.O. System with/with out TDS Meter 13 February 2018 8/30

Variants Code Description 01001206-01 Water meter 01001206-02 Water meter with TDS meter Mechanical flow meter Code: 01001101 Water meter at progressive numeration (40) Variants Code Description 01001101-01 Water meter at progressive numeration with connectors (40) 01001101-02 Water meter at progressive numeration without connectors (40) Water's counter at only jet super Dry with dry quadrant. Quadrant's size: 20mm * direct reading with 8 roller * Inlet/Outlet connections: 3/4" male thread (it is provided with 2 junctions 1/2" male thread * maximum flow rate: 3,125m3/h * 360° adjustable quadrant * classe B-H/A-V * cold water 30°C * hot water 90°C * magnetic dragging * Work's maximum pressure: 16bar * anti-magnetic's Device on request Code: 01001102 Waterminder watermeter auto-block 1/4" (60) Stop the flow of water to reach the capacity of the filters. Mechanical operation with the pressure of the water. The Water Minder is programmable from 1 to 6,000 liters, decreasing a notch to every liter of water past. Of easy use and conduction enough to arm the wheel situated in head to reactivate the system. * Inlet-outlet : male threaded 1/4''. 13 February 2018 9/30

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