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$ $ “ WE EXPECT MOST CLIENTS TO SEE IMPROVEMENTS IN SALES LIFT FROM 30%-150% BY USING COMMERCE SIGNALS AND ACTING ON THE NEAR-REAL TIME INSIGHTS.” PCM: Tell us about Commerce Signals. How did this idea come to be? Thomas Noyes, the founder of Commerce Signals, recognized that banks had incredibly powerful consumer behavior data in payments, but did not have a controlled and privacy centric way to share that data back with their merchants. PCM: Why is it called Commerce Signals? We leverage aggregate payment data to help retailers and restaurants know if their marketing is driving incremental sales. The payment data (Commerce) is the signal to the merchant that their marketing is working or where improvement is possible. PCM: Why is Commerce Signals needed? Many marketers still measure the success of digital marketing campaigns with sales proxies such as clicks, impressions, likes and views because understanding the impact on offline sales is too slow and complex. Commerce Signals solves this problem. In near-real time, we help merchants know if their advertising is working so they can optimize it to drive more sales. PCM: What makes Commerce Signals different? With under 72-hour response time, we are the fastest way to measure digital advertising’s impact on in-store sales. Our speed enables merchants to optimize their digital media campaigns mid-flight to drive more sales. PCM: What were some of your biggest challenges for launching this business? We have built a unique set of data relationships with the world’s leading payment pro-viders and banks that provide 70% coverage of US purchase transactions. For a host of privacy and reputational reasons, these data partners have tight controls on how their data is used. We’ve done the hard work of developing a patented, privacy centric model with the necessary controls that enable delivering near-real time insights through our self-service tool. This allows a new client to be up and running with Commerce Signals in just a week or two rather than spend years working through all the legal and IT complex-ities themselves. PCM: Tell us about your expansion plans and how you go about choosing the next region you expand into? The U.S. is our current biggest priority, but we will enter new geographies as customer needs dictate. PCM: What are the 3 things you want people to know about your company? (1) We are the fastest way to know if your digital 12 4 STARTUP SPOTLIGHT

marketing is working to drive in-store sales (2) By knowing faster, you can take action to improve sales of each and every campaign (3) We expect most clients to see improvements in sales lift from 30%-150% by using Commerce Signals and acting on the near-real time insights. PCM: Any exciting news / announcements you would like to share? We recently hired four new executives to help meet and exceed client expectations. You can read more about them here. TOM NOYES Founder and CEO of Commerce Signals Recognized as one of the Top 25 Innovators in Financial Services, Tom Noyes is also the founder and CEO of Commerce Signals. Tom’s resume includes roles with NASA, Citigroup, 41st Parameter and Starpoint LLP, where his team worked with Google, Amazon, Amex, Verizon, Mastercard and more. COMMERCE SIGNALS Commerce Signals connects advertisers and publishers directly with near-real-time insights from financial institutions. Advertisers use these insights to optimize media tactics and measure the incremental crosschannel sales driven by their advertising. 5 13

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