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2018 ART BOOK catalogue

Catalogue of new and forthcoming art book titles from Sansom & Co


NEW TITLES ‘The Holy Box’ The Genesis of Stanley Spencer’s Sandham Memorial Chapel Amanda Bradley and Paul Gough Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017 Albert Reuss in Mousehole: The Artist as Refugee Susan Soyinka For five years Sir Stanley Spencer R.A. C.B.E. toiled in the chapel at Sandham, in his moving monument to World War I. The resulting murals are extraordinary; they stand comparison with the great painted chapels of early Renaissance Italy. Air explores the tradition in British art of finding inspiration in the air around us and skies above us. Intertwining art, science and philosophy, this beautifully illustrated book includes a number of insightful essays. Albert Reuss (1889-1975) was a painter in oil whose work defies categorisation, but bears some elements of Impressionism and Surrealism. Born in Vienna, he emigrated to England in 1938 following Hitler’s annexation of Austria. His work in exile reflects the trauma of losing his family and his way of life. 200pp / 260 x 210mm softback / £25 iSBN: 978-1-911408-09-3 144pp / 210 x 210mm softback / £20 iSBN: 978-1-911408-13-0 224pp / 244 x 172mm softback / £20 iSBN: 978-1-911408-16-1 New Forest Birds: Sculpture by Geoffrey Dashwood With text by Chris Packham The Drawings of Roger Hilton Adrian Lewis Peter Hide: Standing Sculpture With an essay by Sam Cornish A unique collaboration between internationally renowned sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood and popular naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham. In typically eloquent and passionate style Packham guides us through the characteristics of over forty birds, discussing the modelling skills and powers of observation that make Dashwood’s sculpture such a uniquely ravishing phenomenon. Abstract painter Roger Hilton (1911-75) is generally considered the best British postwar abstract expressionist. This book – the outcome of over four decades of research – focuses on his drawings and stakes a claim for Roger Hilton being the most inventive draughtsman that Britain has produced since 1945. The first publication to survey the upright, monolithic constructed steel sculptures Hide has been making since the mid-seventies. Richly illustrated, it charts the development of this important body of work and situates it within the recent history of sculpture in Britain. 120pp / 270 x 210mm softback / £20 iSBN: 978-1-911408-18-5 224pp / 270 x 210mm softback / £25 iSBN: 978-1-911408-17-8 64pp / 300 x 220mm softback / £10 iSBN: 978-1-911408-10-9 8

INDEX OF ARTISTS Beaton, Rosemary 1 Blackburn, John 4 Bond, Marj 7 Brown, Peter 5 Cecil, Roger 7 Clarke, Geoffrey 7 Coldstream, William 2 Dashwood, Geoffrey 8 Forbes, Stanhope 7 Hide, Peter 8 Hilton, Roger 8 Irvin, Albert 6 Lucas, Edwin G. 4 Mackie, Charles Hodge 9 McCartney, Clive 1 New, Keith 1 Philipson, Robin 5 Platt, John Edgar 4 Reuss, Albert 8 Stott, Edward 3 Stockham, Alfred 5 Vaudrey, Elsa 2 General Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017 8 Capture the Castle: British Artists and the Castle from Turner to Le Brun 7 Conflicting Views: Pacifist Artists 3 In Relation: Nine Couples who transformed Modern British Art 3 Silent Witnesses: Trees in British Art, 1760-1870 7 Students of Hospitalfield: Education and Inspiration in 20th-Century Scottish Art 2 'The Holy Box: The Genesis of Stanley Spencer’s Sandham Memorial Chapel' 8 Please visit our website for further information Sansom & Company 81g Pembroke Road Bristol BS8 3EA T 0117 973 7207 e:

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