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2018 ART BOOK catalogue

Catalogue of new and forthcoming art book titles from Sansom & Co

William Coldstream

William Coldstream Catalogue Raisonné Peter TJ Rumley A leading cultural figure of his generation, painter Sir William Coldstream (1908-1987) lived life among the cream of Britain’s midtwentieth-century artistic elite, including Sir Kenneth Clark and W.H. Auden. His own artistic vision grew from a singular blend of precise measurement and experimentation. As principal at the prestigious Slade Art School, and through his often-reforming role in various major arts bodies, he influenced generations of artists. Strange, then, that he has remained woefully under-appreciated for many decades. This volume aims to redress that oversight. Its detailed, beautifully illustrated catalogue raisonné, authorised by the William Coldstream Estate, offers up the artist’s entire oeuvre of oil paintings, including lost and previously unknown works. The inclusion of an extended biographical essay, along with penetrating personal responses to his life and work written by a selection of artists, means that William Coldstream will appeal to the curator, art student and generalist alike. • The first scholarly authorised catalogue raisonné of the artist, with comprehensive exhibition details and citations • Contains some 2 00 colour illustrations of the artist’s figurative painting • Includes important lost paintings and clarifies Coldstream’s artistic development Students of Hospitalfield Education and Inspiration in 20th-Century Scottish Art Peggy Beardmore Each summer, for over half a century, the Scottish art schools sent their most promising painters to Hospitalfield in Arbroath. Living in the turreted sandstone manor house that was the ancestral home of the Fraser family, this community of young artists studied, exchanged ideas and found inspiration in the surrounding landscape. Their unique experience in art education grew from the visionary bequest of the artist and patron Patrick Allan-Fraser, who dedicated his fortune to founding an art college at Hospital field. Students of Hospitalfield provides the first dedicated study of the fascinating transformation of a private home into a college that proved a significant force in Scottish art. Featuring unpublished archival material alongside paintings, drawings and prints from public and private collections, this well-illustrated book reveals new connections between and insight into the work of well-known Scottish artists such as James Cowie, Joan Eardley, Ian McKenzie Smith and Gwen Hardie while also introducing the innovative work of their contemporaries. • Fills in a missing piece in the history of Scottish art. • Illustrates work from private and public collections • Essential reference for scholars, artists and curators Elsa Vaudrey Mel Gooding, Lucy Inglis This is the first monograph on the Scottishborn artist Elsa Vaudrey (1905-1990), whose career began in the 1920s as a student at Glasgow School of Art. Perhaps best known for her atmospheric abstract paintings, she also produced a large body of figurative work, mainly still lifes and landscapes, most of which have never been seen before. This lavishly illustrated book brings together both stages of her artistic journey for the first time. Informed by the Glasgow School, Fauvism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, Vaudrey’s vision was highly personal, and she developed an expressive and vibrant style entirely her own. Her paintings were often a response to her surroundings, to places such as Wookey Hole in Somerset (where she lived with her husband, the artist Peter Barker-Mill), Chelsea, the Welsh countryside and, further afield, Rome, Paris, Antibes and Jerusalem. During her lifetime, she exhibited widely both in Britain and abroad, most notably in a series of solo shows at the Redfern Gallery in London. The book charts chart key moments in her personal and professional life and documents her friendships with figures such as John Cowper Powys, Mary Quant, Ceri Richards, Eduardo Paolozzi and Erica Brausen. • Previously unpublished photographs and paintings • Considers both figurative and abstract works • Will appeal to those interested in twentiethcentury British art and society • Drawn from the Elsa Vaudrey Archive 212pp / 284 x 264mm hardback / £40 iSBN: 978-1-908326-79-9 Publication date: March 2018 176pp / 270 x 225mm softback with French flaps / £25 iSBN: 978-1-911408-23-9 Publication date: April 2018 304pp / 260 x 260mm hardback / £40 iSBN: 978-1-911408-07-9 Publication date: May 2018 2

Edward Stott (1855-1918) A Master of Colour and Atmosphere Valerie Webb in relation: nine couples who transformed modern british art James Russell Conflicting Views: Pacifist Artists Gill Clarke Spanning over thirty years, this is the first monograph dedicated to the life and work of Edward Stott, A.R.A., who was born in Rochdale and died in Amberley, West Sussex. Tracing his artistic journey from his days as a student in Paris, to his exhibiting career in London, Stott’s under-researched contribution to the history of British landscape painting and images of rural life, is fully explored. Stott’s work matured from his early days as a Rustic Naturalist and his experimentation with Impressionism, eventually finding his own ‘signature’ style and defining subject matter during his time with the New English Art Club and the New Gallery. Achieving regular patronage, and exhibiting on a consistent basis, Stott’s work began to achieve critical attention which increased over time, as well as bringing him international recognition. In 1906 he finally achieved the status of Associate of the Royal Academy. This book seeks to re-introduce Stott to the history of British art and to place him alongside those of his contemporaries who received greater recognition. • Full colour illustrations of better-known works and rarely or previously unseen works • offers a complete history of his career and life, which draws on the Stott Archive and comprehensive material from the London art world at the time • Highlights the part he played in adding to the history of landscape painting, and the sub-genre of rural images • Includes his rarely-discussed later works This book explores the phenomenon of the ‘artist couple’ in Modern British Art, focusing on the lives and careers of nine pairs of artists and designers – Tirzah Garwood and Eric Ravilious; Rose and Roger Hilton; Laura and Harold Knight; Dod and Ernest Procter; Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant; Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth; the Two Roberts (Colquhoun and McBryde); Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher; and Mary Fedden and Julian Trevelyan. It offers glimpses into the private world of artist couples and their families, and explores the influence these artists had not only on each other’s work but also on the art world more generally. Designed to challenge assumptions and inspire debate, this book will change people’s perceptions of twentieth-century British art. • This is the first book to compare and contrast the experiences of important modern British artists from this angle • It explores both artistic questions (influence, style) and social issues (gender politics) in an entertaining, informative way Marking the centenary of the ending of the First World War this ground-breaking and richly illustrated book explores the ways artists who were conscientious objectors and pacifists responded to conflicts, and provides new insights into their varied work, motivations and treatment. The focus is on British artists during two World Wars through to the work in the 1960s of Scottish- Irish artist William Crozier, who was greatly impacted by both wars and in particular seeing films of the liberation of the prison camps in 1945. Features work by, and discussion on, amongst others Mark Gertler, members of the Bloomsbury Group, Percy Horton, Sven Berlin, Kenneth Rowntree and John Tunnard. • Beautifully illustrated showing a range of artwork by both well and lesser-known artists • A significant resource for curators, scholars, collectors and enthusiasts while appealing to those with a broader interest in the art of the period 144pp / 270 x 210mm softback / £25 iSBN: 978-1-911408-22-2 Publication date: May 2018 80pp / 210 x 210mm softback / £15 iSBN: 978-1-911408-32-1 Publication date: June 2018 128pp / 270 x 210mm softback / £20 iSBN: 978-1-911408-31-4 Publication date: June 2018 3

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