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it Happened 12 th Jan - 2016 Group Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President, Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali, emphasized that General Managers should step up their efforts towards the FORWARD project. Mr. Nabeel officially made a pledge to reinforce efforts made towards the single largest project impacting the entire group – implementation of the Oracle E Business Suite, otherwise known as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. As part of the rejuvenation efforts, this project is now called Project FORWARD. General Managers, Steering Committee members and the ERP - Project Management Office (PMO) staff were invited to the Vice Chairman’s office, where Mr. Nabeel delivered a strong message supporting the project. “I’m here with you today to support you and ask you for your commitment. This is a very important project to the Group. FORWARD is a major transformation in the way we do business.” he added. Mr. Nabeel and all the GMs signed the ‘I Commit’ panel as a symbol of their commitment and personal involvement and suggested that everyone be personally involved in the project along with their teams. Mr. Nabeel highlighted the transformational nature of the project and stated, “I understand that this process is very hard as we are shifting from one system to another, but we need to make this happen!” By signing the panel, all senior management members have thereby confirmed their commitment to support and to keep making progress in implementing our ERP project. Mr Nabeel emphasized that the implementation of this project will require additional effort and hard work from all employees. He added by stressing that “Everybody we have is a professional. We can do it. It’s time for a change.” The FORWARD project is not only an initiative that will take the Group into the future by giving the tools to meet upcoming challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, but is also an organizational mandate. The FORWARD project is the Group’s priority. The General Managers of all divisions were then invited to attend an information session presented by the Group PMO Manager. The session covered the project’s progress, future goals, resources and support needed from all ABA divisions. 4

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