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28 th Jan - 2016 Our

28 th Jan - 2016 Our Group sponsors Qatar’s first concept car The Ali Bin Ali Group gained attention internationally and locally by stepping forward as an organization that supports and promotes innovation in the local community. For the first time in Qatar’s history, a youth driven project resulted in the design and assembly of a sophisticated concept car, which was unveiled to the public at the prestigious Qatar Motor Show 2016. The early phases of the innovative prototype was created by a team of students from the Texas A & M University at Qatar, as part of a technical assignment. The young team needed the backing of a willing private sector partner to bring the project to completion. When the team reached out to ABA, you will be happy to know that the project received the generous backing of our Group. Working through the Ali Bin Ali Foundation, which supports innovation and education in Qatar while promoting the development of local talent, we as a Group, paved the way for the young team to receive the required resources to complete the project. The car was given pride of place at the Qatar Motor Show 2016 and garnered the attention of over 25,000 visitors who were able to appreciate the sleek, futuristic craftsmanship of the coupe, powered by a V6 GMC engine, capable of a 525 BHP output. Today, we can share a feeling of accomplishment and pride as our Group facilitated the development of Qatar’s first concept car. Let’s celebrate being part of a Group that takes the initiative to facilitate innovation and support local talent! 5

it Happened 31 st Jan - 2016 FAUCHON Grand Opening The Ali Bin Ali Group is proud to announce the opening of yet another FAUCHON outlet at Doha’s prestigious Lagoona Mall! Popularly known throughout Qatar as the ultimate Ambassador of French gastronomy. FAUCHON has added to its local presence by adding its 3rd branch. The high-end café at Lagoona Mall carries famous French classics such as chocolates, macaroons, pastries and a selection of the finest tea blends that has captivated the taste-buds in Qatar. FAUCHON has kept its reputation of being a gourmet boutique that celebrates life vibrantly, through the sparkling new interiors of FAUCHON and the ambience of a chic Parisian style restaurant in its iconic pink and black décor. The grand opening was attended by His Excellency Mr. Eric Chevallier, French Ambassador to Qatar, Mr. Adel Ali Bin Ali, Chairman & President of Ali Bin Ali Group, Mr. Michel Ducros FAUCHON’s main shareholder, other delegates from FAUCHON Paris, VIP guests and other visitors. Commenting on the success of the opening, Mr. Adel Ali Bin Ali said “Today’s gathering reflects the success of a long and fruitful relationship that started back in 1994 since the opening of the first FAUCHON store in the Middle East. Once again, this occasion indicates that our partnership with FAUCHON Paris will always continue to flourish. Therefore, we are ready to move forward together and open two more outlets in 2016 & 2017. This is a truly proud moment for us and we are delighted to open the 3rd outlet of FAUCHON at the prestigious Lagoona Mall.” If you haven’t dropped by the new outlet yet, this is your opportunity to enjoy FAUCHON’s capacity to recreate a bit of Paris and deliver those authentic French flavors on a platter! Ali Bin Ali Travel contributes to “Discover America” week Our Ali Bin Ali Travel division joined the U.S. Embassy and American 31 st Jan - 2016 Chamber of Commerce in Qatar to support the ‘Discover America’ weeklong campaign. Ali Bin Ali Travel welcomed U.S. Ambassador, Ms. Dana Shell Smith, to the ABA Travel Office. The Ambassador met with our Travel General Manager, Mr. Saeed al-Hajri, and our Advisor to the Board of Partners, Mr. Peter McElwaine, for the cake-cutting ceremony to symbolize their joint collaboration. “ABA Travel is delighted to be part of this ‘Discover America’ week. It is a great initiative. We have collaborated with the U.S. embassy in Qatar for many years, and will continue our support in future endeavors” said Mr. Al Hajri. ‘Discover America’ week Qatar is an annual series of events celebrating the relationship between the U.S. and Qatar. The week-long celebrations are held from 15 February to 22, highlighting American business, innovation, travel, food, music, fashion, art and education. With the rapid increase of 30,000 travelers to the U.S., this was a great opportunity for our Travel division to offer a range of special travel packages with discounted prices. 10

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