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8DIO Liberis Angelic Choir User Manual

DEGRADER consists of a

DEGRADER consists of a BIT CRUSHER and a DISTORTION unit. Of course we also have included a CHAOS control, which allows you to randmise every value, which is extremely useful for carving out new and interesting sounds. The Settings page consists of a few vital controls to help control the CHAOS switch. Such as MOTION, which constantly randomises and animates every relevant parameter. RANGE which alters the amount of randomisation under both MOTION and CHAOS. And the CHAOS / FLOW switch which changes the type of randmisation available. CHAOS is purely random based on a value below your current settings and the RANGE, whereas FLOW analyses and adjusts your current settings depending on your RANGE allowing you to have a more subtle evolution of randomisation.

DELAY consists of 2 sequential delays, this allows you to build complex rhythms and sequences by simply using different time values. Each delay has a wet MIX parameter, a tempo synced TIME control, and FEEDBACK and PAN controls to help control the style and poer of the delay. We also went a step further, and added a a LOW and HIGH PASS filter to the end of the chain, this allows you to filter out certain frequencies only in the feedback of the delay ensuring it doesn’t conflict with your main sound. And, you guessed it, we included a CHAOS control, so you are able to randomise every relevant parameter, creating some truly amazing delay patterns. Both delays and the filters also work intelligently, meaning if you are not using them or they are set to a minimal value, they will bypass themselves in order to save your CPU load.

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