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8DIO Liberis Angelic Choir User Manual


FRONT FACE EFFECTS MICROPHONES - Allows you to access mixer functionality such as volume control, solo/mute, and purge. Purging allows you to load and un load positions from RAM freeing up valuable system resources. FILTER - Allows quick access to the selected master filters found in the neighbouring dropdown menu. GATE - Offers trance gate functions for both Mix, Pattern and Rate (via the dropdown menu). PITCH - Allows for both course and fine global tuning of the selected patch preset. FRONT FACE EFFECTS pt.2 DELAY - Allows quick access to the delay found on the effects page. COMP - Allows quick access to a gain matched compressor on the master bus. FORM - Allows quick access to the Transform convolution reverb foundo n the effects page. EQ - Offers quick front page access to the multi bad equaliser found on the effects page. RANDOM - Randomises the activated effects. RESET - Restores the effects back to their default settings.

Options Clicking the Options Cog located towards to top right of the instruments screen will bring you to the Options page. From here you can control the following basic functions. KEY - Select the lowest key at which you would like the articulation keyswitches to begin. CC - Select the CC (Continuous Controller) you would like to alter the currenlty selected articulation. RELEASES - From here you can either bypass or activate release triggers.

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