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SOURCE NATURELLE D’ENERGIE POUR MA FAMILLE INSTANT FULL CREAM MILK POWDER FROM NEW ZEALAND Ludu Milk is an Instant Full Cream Milk Powder and has a rich and creamy taste. Imported from New Zealand, Instant Full Cream Milk Powder is made from premium quality full cream cows milk by spray-drying process. It is enriched with Calcium and Vitamins A & D. It dissolves instantly in water making it ideal to mix with cereals, making tea, coffee, etc.. 28% MILK FAT • 250g • 500g • 1kg 22 Ludu

FULL CREAM MILK POWDER FROM HOLLAND - 26% FAT Frico Milk Powder gives a delicious milk drink, which can be consumed cold or warm. This 100% natural drink is very tasteful and also healthy and nourishing. Active people like Frico Milk because it’s full of vitamins and provides lots of energy. The rich taste of Frico derives from excellent Dutch cows that graze everyday in the fresh green farmlands. Frico Milk Powder is ideal for the whole family except new born babies. Besides for making the most delicious milk drink, it can also be used for making desserts and yogurts as well for cooking and baking your favourite recipes. Le Bon Lait Hollandais 500g / 1 Kg - Sachet • 25 Kg Bags Frico 23

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