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the fine print 73 Why

the fine print 73 Why Your Staff Quit 75 How to Build Your Leadership Brand 83 The Most Missed Leadership Behaviour 94 The Importance of Honesty 97 Trust & Integrity 104 the integration 109 You Don’t Have to Like Me (and I Don’t Have to Like You) 111 What Demanding Respect Gets You 117 The Ego Continuum 120 Insights into Your Ego Continuum 145 Your Leadership Epitaph 151 Your Corporate Culture 156

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I have been absolutely blessed in my life and career to have some of the most incredible women on this planet mentor, influence or inspire me. Their guidance, support, truth, perseverance and resilience have been an invaluable part of my personal growth and development. And most have no clue. Each of them, whether it was during my childhood or in recent times, have influenced something in me in some way and some time. These influences are what I will share with you in the following pages. I have reflected immensely during the writing of this book. It has been a historical glance at many years of shitty leadership, shitty behaviours or just a shitty day. These reflective times have been awe-inspiring, and have reminded me of my growth and development, laughter and most importantly, self-forgiveness. I am eternally grateful for it all.

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