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The Ego ContinuumSAMPLE

Thank you for the

Thank you for the generosity of your time, the efforts you’ve made over the years, and the direct, or more often indirect, lessons you have taught me. Reminders: At any age, one can reflect a character of authenticity. One must accept one’s own mortality and die with grace and dignity, by one’s own rules and terms. At times, I also need talking off the ledge and a trusted vent. You believed in my skills and abilities during times when I didn’t. You accepted a fancy-pants confused little boy as your friend, without question. You accepted feedback and allowed me to become less of a shitty leader. Thank you! x the ego continuum

To: Adrianne Fagan-Pittman Alyssa Robinson Anne-Marie Hubbard Anne-Marie McMaster Betty Mills Carrie Warner Ferne Robinson Grace Baba-Hoang Helen Smith Jackie Nicol Jane Plumb-Pearlman Justine MacKay Kaari Carvalho-Pitts Kaitlyn Coulter Kelly Herbert Laura Reed Foster Lillian Laufman Lynn Givens Patricia Dunwoody Patricia McCord Shari Robinson-Coulter Tracey Sherman-Firestone Vanessa Lynch Victoria Morrison Tanya White Anne Wood Acknowledgments xi

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