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First & Foremost Why is

First & Foremost Why is the word “shitty” used in the sub-title? Isn’t that rude or offensive? For some, it could be, but hopefully, through your choice, the word choice intrigues you or makes you curious enough to read this book. Throughout my career, I have worked with and for some shitty leaders. These are not shitty people. There is a vast difference, and I would like to share my perspective. Effective leadership is a series of behavioural choices. When you engage the correct choices with the right audience, you will create a lasting impact that improves both performance and culture. It’s about being aware and choosing the right behaviours with the right people to help induce the right actions in them. It’s self-awareness and engagement at its finest. It’s asking, what do I need to demonstrate to help get the best out of you?

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