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The Ego ContinuumSAMPLE

specific needs and

specific needs and requirements that we, as their leader, should be able to provide at any time. We are aware of the perceptions our actions may create and we take responsibility for them. When we create a misperception, we see it, own up to what we’ve left behind, and immediately fix it. Our staff receives ad-hoc feedback in real-time. They know there are rules that they need to follow, which they do! They don’t cut corners and get away with it—and it’s not because big brother is watching—it’s simply that they feel supported. They know their boss is passionate about wanting them to do the right thing. They are inspired, so they just do it. Our customers are also completely satisfied as a result. They only have to call once to get something they need since the employee is driven to do it right. The employee wants to do right by their manager who gives them the time that they need to feel valued, appreciated, aligned and supported. It’s cyclical, and it’s simple. Imagine a corporate culture that puts their staff first. Where the leaders work from their created leadership brand. Where they understand the needs and wants of their individual team members and provide it to them during each interaction. Where a unified continuum balances the distance between perceived narcissism and insecurity. Where there is a measurement of fluidity that all leaders understand will help them to maintain order—an internal order of true leadership, perceived as active and authentic. 14 the ego continuum

the Basics

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