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active leadership “Growing other leaders from the ranks isn’t just the duty of the leader, it’s an obligation.” — Warren Bennis Three main components make up active leadership. First, effective feedback delivery. Second, selfawareness. And lastly, your leadership brand. In its simplest form, active leadership is where the leader spends at least fifty percent of their time with their staff. This time could be spent coaching one-on-one, training, casually delivering feedback, in a formal review session, or discussing quality, future goals, any objections or any issues. Sometimes, it’s just a check-in to see how they are feeling. If you’re not focusing at least fifty percent of your time as a leader on your staff like this, they may perceive you as demonstrating shitty behaviour, or as being an inactive leader. I know what some of you may be thinking. How can I spend that much time with my staff when I have all the other work I have to do? Yes, you’re right, and it is a question worth asking. So, how are you going to do this? Assume from here on in that

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