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Inspiring teenagers

I think that he has

I think that he has inspired me to be more determined and that I have to work on my discipline. Showed me that if you set your mind to something and you want it, you can go after it and get it. It was very lively and engaging and touched us a lot. Not only hearing and sight were touched, but also emotions. Very good lecture, keep going. This helped me very much. It was as though I had fresh air. The lecture was AMAZING. Had wanted to hear more. The lecture was very interesting and creative. Not like a regular lecture but it stood out from the crowd. Martin was a good speaker and made us involved and interested. Very good! I thought the lecture was good, but you could have been a bit clearer. Really good lecturer, fun to have a lecture in English, a bit unusual. Martin made the lecture interesting, he caught the interest well by being a little funny. However, he could have talked a bit more about private experiences. He was educated and interesting to listen to. Actually the best lecturer I listened to. Interesting introduction, interesting finish and absolutely brilliant! Think the lecture was very good. He really made us feel interested and we did not get tired of listening to him. Very good lecturer. Great lecturer and a lot of time for questions. He was an entertaining lecturer. He made me motivated. This was one of the better lectures I ever had. You got very good tips and new thoughts for the future. Very interesting and very good and captivating lecturer. 48

Everything was perfect and very instructive. The lecturer was very good and funny. I was fascinated and got a lot of fun laugh. Best lecture we have had so far. He had humour and good self-esteem, which made it interesting and fun. He was talking about personal events. He mixed humour and seriousness, that was good 49

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