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Acknowledgements This

Acknowledgements This book is the result of many collaborations, collaboration with the many fictional characters portrayed in this book and collaboration with real, living people, of whom the following deserve heartfelt and special mentions: Hetty Brand Boswijk, CPCC, for partnering with me in our quest to write a book together. It is an ongoing journey of learnings and revelations. Michele Helman, CPCC, for accelerating and easing the final stages of writing, reading and supportively commenting on the need for this book to be published. Elizabeth Nostedt, ACC, DTM, PMP for proofing and commenting on an early version of the manuscript. Vicky Jo Varner, PCC, CPCC, for repeatedly and meticulously proofing and commenting on the later manuscripts. Jenny Geuken, for the original cover artwork. 5

What is a Coaching Approach? Certified coaches use a coaching approach, on the inside. A coaching approach names what is happening inside their bodies and inside their minds, while they are coaching. It could be called the hidden skill of coaching, because it’s hidden. It is not always visible in what they do, nor audible in what they say. It is, however, apparent in what they do not do, and what they do not say. Certified coaches do not, for example, judge the person they are coaching. That takes practice. Nor do they offer their opinions or experience. That takes even more practice. Not judging and not giving advice are two of the most powerful hidden coaching skills. There are coaching skills that are visible and audible, they include: asking great questions, and listening actively. Teaching using a 'Coaching Approach' is carrying out the work of a teacher and 'making use of the skills of a coach'. The combination is awesome. Teachers who use a coaching approach, interact with students in an authentic, self-developing, reflective manner. A description of the coach's mind-set appears gradually in all the stories in this book, an especially in Anthony's notes at the start of each campfire story. Developing your coaching approach skills Whatever your professional background, the best places to start developing your coaching approach are the the hidden skills of: Active listening Non-judgement Holding back personal opinions and advice Being comfortable with not knowing what is right or wrong Not knowing what will happen next. 6

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