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Northampton Local Flick Book (2)

26 Q U A R T E R P A G E

26 Q U A R T E R P A G E A D V E R T S C O S T J U S T £ 3 0 P U Z Z L E P A G E Word search ONE DIRECTION MADNESS COLDPLAY THE KILLERS PINK LAWSON GREEN DAY MUSE OWN CITY WESTLIFE QUEEN WENTED LITTLE MIX THE WHO BLUR Sudoku R I D D L E S 1) What has many keys but can’t open a single door? 2) Tall I am young, short I am old, while with life I glow, wind is my foe. What am I? 3) What has six faces but doesn’t wear makeup. It also has twenty-one eyes but cannot see? 4) What’s black when you buy it, red when you use it and grey when you throw it away? 5) What can be heard and caught but never seen? 6) This is as light as a feather yet no man can hold it for long. What am I? To advertise in the next edition - - 07738 024 823

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