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helping a child smile

helping a child smile again That’s our kind of fostering

nfa is currently recruiting foster carers Good foster carers provide a safe, nurturing family environment where children with traumatic early experiences can flourish. Do you have the time and energy to invest in a child or young person? You will need a bedroom for the exclusive use of the child and we will provide you with all the support you need so together we can make a difference. We would like to share with you a wonderful poem written by Chelsea, a young person who has been placed with one of NFA’s carers in Lincolnshire. Chelsea explores a difficult time in her life throughout the poem and the effects that fostering has had, helping her to develop strong, loving relationships. The relationships were horrible. Then everything was terrible. Heartbroken was how I felt all the time. Then turned into the worst crime. Every day I was so depressed. And everything turned into a mess. Smashing the house was the worst thing I’d done. And it was really not that fun. The feeling of the police at my bedroom window. All of a sudden, I felt really low. My life. Falling out with my family what can I do, a nice fresh start and something new. I had enough so I went to London. The whole thing felt terrifying and I felt done in. That night we all got high, I felt I was dancing in the sky. Hearing my name on the news. Got me shaking in my shoes. My life. I walked in the doors and it felt like a prison. The whole 7 months felt like a mission. Upset was the worst thing I’ve felt. I just wanted to hide and melt. How can depression make you feel so sad? I thought it won’t make you feel so bad. For the first few weeks I was annoyed. Everything around made me feel destroyed. My life. Leaving the place was such an achievement. So happy I thought I was dreaming. Foster care was a whole new place. Like I won my first 100-mile race. Loved is the first thing I felt. Wrapped around tightly like a seat belt. After all of this we made up. Finally, after this horrible break up. Our relationships are stronger than before. We love each other more and more. My life. Be Amazing! Find out more about being a foster carer: 0800 044 3030 |

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