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Northampton Local Flick Book (2)

48 Q U A R T E R P A G E

48 Q U A R T E R P A G E A D V E R T S C O S T J U S T £ 3 0 The Advanced Driver Course The advanced driver course provides members of the public with effective post driving test training. It is appropriate for anyone with a driving licence, no matter what age. The course will raise your driving skills to advanced test standard and will build on your existing experience. It will also help those who experience difficulty with certain roads and situations. Things they may actively avoid. Motorways for example, or multilane roundabouts, both commonly present problems for some people. Those who undertake the course find it gives them much greater driving confidence. They often comment on just how much they have learned about driving. Things they were previously unaware of - even with many years of driving experience. Come along for a free assessment and find out what it’s all about. “ Q U I C K Q U I Z ” NAM WHAT’S ON WHERE TO FIND US Mereway Police Station Northampton NN4 8BE Take the Mereway exit from Queen Eleanor roundabout, first left signed Police HQ and then next left for Mereway station. 1. You are permitted to cross a solid white line to safely pass a stationary vehicle, to enter an adjoining entrance or side road or to safely overtake something provided it is not exceeding what speed? 2. What is the maximum recommended time between mirror checks? Arrive & Drive Sunday Sunday Sunday 4 th March 8 th April 6 th May For your chance to win a £20 VUE CINEMA GIFT VOUCHER, simply e-mail your answers along with your name and a contact telephone number to Prize draw takes place on 31 st March and the winner will be announced in the next edition. NORTHAMPTON ADVANCED MOTORISTS - FREE ASSESSMENTS AND GUIDANCE ON MOTORWAYS AND MANOEUVRING We meet on the 1 st Sunday of the month at Mereway Police Station in Northampton (NN4 8BE). Sessions run at 9.30 and 11.00. To arrange your FREE, NO OBLIGATION assessment at the next meeting, contact our associates’ officer IAN PHILLIPS on 07967 651820 or alternatively you can email him at Sessions at 9:30am & 11am To advertise in the next edition - - 07738 024 823

Poem donated by David Garrett L O W C O S T A D V E R T I S I N G F O R A L L As I stand by the gate looking around at the scene I see a patchwork of gardens joined by paths of dark green As men toil and till soil, fresh food for to grow By the sweat of their body and the power of the hoe Sheds of all sizes the landscape adorn Some proud and erect, some old and forlorn Old men and young men join together to fight Against the forces of nature and all her great might. Mice eat the seeds that are put in the ground, While those that they miss the birds will have found, And if quite by chance a plant may mature The rabbits will find it of that you are sure, The men grumble and groan about this abuse, But year after year food they try to produce, Too wet to plant, things are getting behind, Once planted, ground dries, no more rain do we find, Buckets of water to potatoes are fed, Seedlings struggle to survive on scorched dust dry bed, Broad beans ripe to pick go down with the fly Peas shrivel from drought and you just watch them die, Whitefly on the Brussels, immune to the spray, Thank God for the rhubarb I hear someone say, By the end of the summer these battered brave men Will all dig their gardens and start over again, But there is more to allotments than gardening and toil It’s a place to unwind from the world you recoil, A place where you meet men who think as you do Where rewards are plenty though profits are few, Fresh air and sunshine is the bonus they seek When on Sunday they forget all the cares of the week. Now if you feel that some land you would till, Just think of the problems, for the way there needs will. 49 POEM CORNER Allotments To advertise in the next edition - - 07738 024 823

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