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Journal 1 2018

Plaisir du Jardin Journal Vol. 1 2018


CHOOSING THE BEST MATERIAL FOR YOUR OUTDOOR FURNITURE is a matter of research. Use these tips as a guideline when next searching for the right materials for your specific patio needs. We will discuss different materials monthly so you can purchase with confidence. Remember to ask these questions before purchasing Furniture: How easy is it to move around Is it All-Weather Resistance to Fading Is it Powder Coated or just Painted SYNTHETIC RESIN WICKER 6 Stylish, low-maintenance, lightweight and very durable. One of the best materials for Outdoor Furniture Always enquire from the sales person what Weave they use. If it is not HDPE WICKER be wary as cheap PVC Wicker synthetics will unravel, become brittle and crack. The frame should be Powder Coated Aluminium. A quick hose down for cleaning and your furniture looks as good as new. For stubborn dirt use a soft brush. Never use hard abrasive cleaning materials.

Guide lines from Patio Productions TEAK IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST WOOD FOR OUTDOOR USE. Teak is lauded for it’s all-weather capabilities, strength and beautifully grained Texture. Teak produces its own oil which makes it unique to other types of naturally occurring woods. Being a hardwood Teak has a hard wearing top and is pretty resilient to dings and dents. Teak benches have been know to stand outside for 50 years in all sorts of climatic conditions and still age to a beautiful Silver-Grey patina. Teak is not as light to move around as synthetic resin wicker or aluminium but still movable with a helping hand. efore purchasing Teak make sure the salesperson explains clearly what maintenance will be involved in the particular wood you are purchasing. If you are not a fan of constant maintenance rather choose synthetic wicker or aluminium. 7

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