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Sheep Matters_Aug-Sept 17 (redesigned)

Sample copy of new publication aimed at the progressive farmer and professional in the UK sheep industry. For further information and to register your interest go to

“ Using EiD tags from

“ Using EiD tags from birth means I can easily scrutinise each animal’s records and make more profitable decisions.” Jamie Wild, Redhill Farm, Oakham Tagging early enables you to get a better understanding of your flock by gathering real-time data. This data allows you to build a clear picture of each lamb’s performance and can be used to make informed health management, breeding and marketing decisions leading to improved efficiency and profitability. Contact your local agricultural merchant or call our customer services team on 0845 600 9070 To advertise here Call John Hutchins on 07469 709607 Or e-mail 28 AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2017

EnErgyzing your flock pErformancE Energyze Vitality provides instant energy and meets the high nutritional demands of the ewe during late pregnancy, providing the lamb with vital early nutritional support. ProPylene Glycol rEducEs thE risk of twin lamb disEasE Mannans colostrum quality, Vitality and immunity choline: rapid lamb growth, EncouragEs positiVE gEnEtic traits hiGh quality DuP morE productiVE liVEstock • Visit OUR stORes • Call Us: 01888 545200 2017 AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 29

Sheep Matters - August/ September 2017