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Magento 2 Automatic Related Products

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products offers customers the options to the current product to encourage the purchases and increase the average order value.

The admin can choose the

The admin can choose the way of displaying the product on the category page, product page or within the shopping cart. The extension allows admin to select the predefined positions of placing relevant products such as inside the page, under the native block, before content, or instead of native block. The custom names such as "frequently bought together," "similar products," and "more in the collection" will attract the customers to have a look at them which will give a chance for sales.

Features • Save time of assigning related products for each item • Create detailed conditions for selecting associated products • Automatically display related products on Category, Product page, and Shopping cart • Show like products in multiple positions in a page. • Create separate rules for each related block • Ability to set block layout • Ability to set position of each block

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