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test TEST ISSUE 2 7th February 2018 News & Topics for Cradley,Storridge & Mathon asking the questions you want asked and seeking the answers you deserve in this issue Page 1 A Bit on the late side Who makes the decisions ? Page 2 Who decides? Page 3 QUESTIONS ASKED page 5 Page 4 Employment Matters Page 5 Questions and opinions Page 6 Useful contacts Coming in the next issue COMMUNITY OPINION page 5 From The Editor Welcome, to the first edition of the Enquirer in magazine form. With the amount of topics we have had raised and are handling the old website format was beginning to creak so we decided to place each edition of the Enquirer in this format so that reaching back into history will be oh! so much easier for readers to follow the topics handled. You read this version just like you do any printed paper or magazine. Just click to turn the page.

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