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INTEGRITY A BASIC QUESTION At the Parish Council meeting of 23rd January during the planning section the chair vice chair and another councillor declared non-pecuniary interest in items on the agenda. All three in the Heart of the Village planning application and one in the Church Style Farm applications. 2 Nothing wrong there you might say, and all right and proper. All three of these councillors have refused, despite reports being sent to the Parish Council , to update their legally required declarations of interest lodged with the local council. Until this meeting they have not made declarations of interest in a scheme that they all support (two of them financially) over the last few years. Talk about ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ They have stated non-pecuniary (not financial) interest when clearly two of them have donated monies to this particular scheme. against the rules What makes this so blatantly absurd of course is that this apparent partial observance of required action was made not on any matter requiring debate but a notice that their supported scheme had been withdrawn. No comments were required and overkill in declaration was a couple of years too late DEFINITELY NOT GOOD ENOUGH COUNCILLORS WELL BELOW YOUR REQUIRED LEVEL OF INTEGRITY WHO MAKES THE DECISIONS ? Now that the elections are over and Cradley and Storridge now have for the first time in a long while a Parish Council who have been voted there by the people of the community. The future should be planned well so that this body can no longer be a battlefield for personal interests and agendas. Those who have given themselves up to the task of serving only the interests of the people of this Parish before everything else, should seek out wise council to develop, over time the skills and wisdom required of such a position. They should think deeply about the burden that being a part of probably the only truly democratic tier of government that exists in this nation, will place on them. As the old saying goes “you can please some of the people all of the time………(I’ll let you look up the rest and realise the truth held therein). As we have a large contingent of people elected, who have never served on a PC before, the first few meetings can be akin to the first day at School when everyone apparently knows oh so much more than yourself and you are afraid to ask. Don’t be! It is a councillor’s job and responsibility to question, investigate and ultimately to seek out all the correct information needed to make well informed decisions on behalf of the community Seek out more experienced councillors (old and new) and ask for guidance and their advice but ultimately you choose and make your decisions based on the principles you sign up to.

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